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Vent Covers

Improve the climate of your crawl space by installing high-quality, durable vent covers to keep dampness and cold at bay.

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Keeping your crawl space dry, healthy, and less attractive to pests can feel like an uphill struggle at times. There are some pretty simple changes you can make that will change the climate of your crawl space dramatically, however. Covering crawl space vents is one such task. 

Why Do Homes Have Crawl Space Vents? 

If your home has a crawl space, it is almost certain that you have crawl space vents (especially if you have an older home). These were commonly installed in many homes across the U.S. because they were believed to prevent dampness and excessive humidity by allowing air to circulate freely. Of course, we now know that this is not the case; uncovered crawl space vents actually contribute to and worsen dampness in a crawl space. This can cause a huge number of issues for a property, including:  

  • Dampness and Humidity 

The most obvious issue with uncovered crawl space vents is their inability to keep water out. Heavy rainfall, storms, and even snowmelt can easily seep into your crawl space when you have uncovered vents. Issues with humidity and water are not limited to winter, either; the warm, humid air of summer can cause condensation on the cold surfaces within your crawl space This can lead to mold and mildew formation as well as causing exposed wood to rot and lose its structural integrity. 

  • Unstable Internal Climate  

When your crawl space is open to the elements the temperature within will fluctuate wildly. This can lead to many issues, but the most severe is the increased possibility of burst pipes and plumbing damage during sudden cold snaps. On a less pressing note, an unstable crawl space climate can also increase your energy bills by having a cumulative effect on the temperature of your home. Rapidly fluctuating temperatures can also exacerbate cracks and damage in your crawl space by causing repeated freezes and thaws. 

  • Pest Infestation 

While there are some pests, like spiders and cockroaches, which can get into almost any space they please, having uncovered vents definitely makes it easier for them. They also act as a gateway for larger pests like mice and rats who will find the dampness and relatively sheltered environment highly appealing. 

This is why sealing off crawl space vents is an important part of our crawl space repair and encapsulation system. By cutting off the ground level access points for moisture, debris, and pests, and preventing frigid or humid air from getting into this space, we can create a safer, cleaner space that offers many benefits to you as a homeowner. 

The Benefits of Covering Your Crawl Space Vents 

Covering exposed crawl space vents should be one of the first steps you take when considering waterproofing measures for your home. In fact, if you have recently bought or inherited a property with uncovered vents you should invest in crawl space vent covers as a matter of course. This will lead to a number of positive cumulative effects which include, but are not limited to: 

  • Reduced Risk of Dampness, Mold, and Rot 

The biggest benefit, of course, is the prevention of standing water and extreme dampness in your crawl space. This, by extension, reduces the risk of mold and mildew formation, and damage or rot taking root in any exposed wood in your home. 

  • Improved Interior Climate 

Once you have had vent covers installed you will begin to notice an improvement in your interior climate. Levels of humidity should drop unless there is a source of water within your crawl space, for example as a result of foundation damage. You will also notice that the temperature in your crawl space stabilizes and begins to more closely match the temperature in your home. 

  • Reduced Energy Bills 

The generally more stable and dry climate in your crawl space will have a cumulative effect on your HVAC and plumbing systems, ensuring they get a better result for less work. This can lead to lower energy consumption and lowered energy bills. 

  • Preventing Large Pest Incursion 

Well-fitting crawl space vent covers can help deter large pests like mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums from making their way into your home, either to make a nest or temporarily. This will protect your plumbing and any exposed wiring from damage. These covers can also contribute to a generally lowered risk of pest infestation as a whole. 

We at Innovative Basement Authority recommend CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers above similar or generic models from your local hardware store if you want to get the best possible results. We favor this system because of the superior materials used and the unique design. There are many other reasons, however, why you as a homeowner should consider choosing these covers above all other options.

Why Choose CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers? 

Innovative Basement Authority specializes in repairing and encapsulating crawl spaces to the highest possible standard. This is why we recommend CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers either as singular upgrades or as a part of a larger waterproofing or encapsulation task. These vent covers offer a number of benefits over their nearest rival.  

  • Totally Weather-Proof 

Come rain or shine, CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers are totally weatherproof. Made of rugged plastic, they are waterproof, resistant to ice, and will not dry out or crack under intense sunshine. This means that you can rely on them to keep water, snow, ice, dirt, and debris, as well as pests out of your crawl space. 

  • Perfectly Fitted 

Unlike the generic covers you can buy off the shelf in most hardware stores, CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers can be tailored to your property’s vents. This perfect fit ensures a consistent, complete seal is formed around your crawl space vents. This is important for keeping water out. In fact, it would be better to have no covers at all than to have poorly fitting ones that allow dampness in only to trap it. 

  • Heat and Cold Resistant 

As well as being weatherproof, CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers are resistant to extreme cold and heat. Unlike thinner or lower quality covers, these will not warp, fade, crack, or become brittle when faced with intense heat, cold, and sudden switches between the two. This ensures a longer lifespan but also makes sure you won’t find humidity and dampness seeping into your crawl space because extreme temperatures are causing your vent covers to shrink or expand. 

  • Durable 

The thick, high-quality plastic used in all CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers is just one thing that makes this product tougher than the competition; the CrawlSeal™ patented design also has its role to play. Each vent cover is precisely formed and lined with foam weather stripping to ensure a perfect fit and seal. This ensures that these are the best and last vent covers that you will ever buy for your property; they simply do not break down. 

  • Attractive 

Of course, protecting your property is the main goal when it comes to covering your crawl space vents, but there’s no reason why the solution cannot be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. All CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers have a smooth, consistent finish.  

  • Quick and Easy Installation 

Vent cover installation is not invasive or disruptive, but CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers, in particular, can be installed in a few hours or less and will involve very little disruption to your home and daily routine. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers are more durable, effective, and versatile than direct competitors thanks to the unique design and build that ensures a full seal around vents. While you save money by choosing them over a like for like product, you will also save money by avoiding unnecessary damage in the future. 

  • Superior Results 

No crawl space vent covers can guarantee quite the same level of protection and durability as CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers. By investing in the best, you are guaranteed a better experience than with a similar product from a different provider.

The Installation Process 

We understand that you want to minimize disruption to your home and family life when it comes to home repairs, renovations, and improvements. This is why our team is highly trained to ensure that the installation of your CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers is quick, easy, and minimally disruptive to your day. Of course, crawl space vent cover installation is a non-invasive process that is undertaken from outside your home.  

  • Crawl Space Assessment 

The first step in installing any waterproofing or repair solution is a full inspection and assessment of the space in question. Our team is trained to look for red flags and warning signs of deeper problems that require further investigation or repair before the work at hand can go ahead. The types of problems they are looking for include foundation damage, bowed walls, damaged supports and joists, and cracked or bowing walls. 

  • Draining and Repairs 

If your home has standing water or pre-existing structural damage that poses a risk of escalation, our team will recommend solutions before they begin installation. Any standing water or dampness must be addressed before your crawl space is sealed because sealing dampness into your property will only cause more issues to form and escalate. 

  • Measuring and Installation 

After measuring your crawl space vents to ensure we are providing the right covers for you, our team will begin the process of installation. Most CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers are mounted externally. There are other possible options, such as crawl space doors for larger vents. Installation should take less than a day and could take as little as a few hours, depending on the size of your home and the number of vents you have. 

  • Encapsulation (Recommended) 

Once your property has been sealed off, there are other options at your disposal. If you have continuing problems with dampness, for example, you could have a dehumidifier or drains installed. If you want to improve the temperature stability, you could have your crawl space insulated. If you want to see big results, however, you could undertake full encapsulation with a vapor barrier, which will guarantee a safe, dry, and hygienic environment that can also be used, for example, as a storage space. 

Crawl space vent covers can be installed independently or as a part of a larger waterproofing and encapsulation system. Whether you choose to have a full encapsulation or you simply seal the vents off, we will make sure the work is undertaken and finished to the highest possible degree.

Vent Covers


Crawl space vents are commonly found in homes because they were originally believed to control or prevent dampness. These days, of course, we know that uncovered crawl space vents actually contribute to dampness in a crawl space. 

  • Side Effects 

Uncovered crawl space vents have many negative side effects including: 

  • Exposure to the elements 
  • Increased risk of damage to your plumbing system 
  • Increased risk of a burst pipe and plumbing flood 
  • Easy access points for pests and wildlife 
  •  Energy Bills 

This can lead to a huge number of problems in a crawl space and a property as a whole. Aside from the obvious issues of dirt and water intrusion, exposure to the elements can also have a direct effect on your energy consumption and household bills. 

By covering your vents with high-quality, tailored vent covers you will minimize dampness in your property, prevent avoidable plumbing floods and pipe damage, keep many pests at bay, create a more stable climate inside your crawl space, and even lower your energy bills.

Uncovered crawl space vents have been linked to many different problems, most of which stem from the dampness that takes root as a result of this exposure. The most common are:  

  • Mold Formation 

Mold and mildew quickly take root in damp environments, and your crawl space can offer the perfect conditions. While mold in your crawl space may not seem like a huge issue, it can be; some forms of mold are toxic, while others attract pests such as cockroaches. All in all, mold in your crawl space is to be avoided. 

  • Cracked Walls 

Dampness in your crawl space can cause and compound structural damage as the water repeatedly freezes and thaws during sudden cold snaps and thaws. As these cracks widen, they will let more water in and gradually undermine the structural stability of your property. 

  • Uneven Flooring 

Damp and rotting joists and supports can quickly begin to sag. When this happens, you will notice gaps between your walls and floor or a slight tilt to your flooring.

Innovative Basement Authority only installs CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers because we believe that they are the best on the market. We have formed this opinion by assessing the product and gaining feedback from our customers.  

  • Impressive Benefits 

We often hear that CrawlSeal™ vent covers are: 

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to install 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Impressive Build 

Made from thick, rugged plastic, these vent covers are weatherproof, heat and cold resistant, and durable as well as being easy to install. In fact, we often tell our customers that these are the very best, and likely the last, vent covers they will ever buy for their home. This is because they are specially tailored to fit your vents before they are fitted. This ensures a strong and consistent seal around the full perimeter of each vent.

Seal Your Crawl Space with Superior Vent Covers with Expert Help 

Innovative Basement Authority is one of the premier crawl space repair and encapsulation services serving Minnesota, North Dakota, and eastern Montana. For help with choosing the best crawl space vent covers and other repairs, contact us today for a free crawl space inspection and repair quote. Our team is highly skilled, trained, and dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience, as well as a safer and healthier home.

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