Lifting concrete installation

Concrete Pool Deck Lifting

Cracked or sunken concrete pool decks create tripping hazards and can be dangerous. Keep your concrete pool decking in good condition with PolyRenewal™.

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Has the concrete surrounding your pool dipped or settled, creating a hazardous uneven surface? Is there a protruding concrete edge where one section of the slab has settled below another?

The foundation repair specialists at Innovative Basement Authority are especially well-equipped to make these types of pool deck repairs.

What’s more, our innovative PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting technique is faster and more affordable than pool deck replacement. It’s also a better option than pool deck resurfacing.

Concrete pool deck restoration with PolyRenewal™

Some contractors still use the old-school repair for settled concrete. They use heavy equipment to demolish the cracked, settled sections of concrete around your swimming pool, and pour a new concrete deck. With concrete replacement, you often get a damaged yard and a pool that’s off-limits until the new concrete hardens and cures. Our concrete lifting method saves you time and money, and won’t disrupt your landscaping.

Injecting PolyRenewal™ expanding foam beneath a settled pool deck will lift the concrete and strengthen the soil so that the problem won’t recur.

Causes of a sinking concrete pool deck

Many concrete pool decks are prone to settling because of the pool construction process. The backfill soil that’s added around the pool excavation will not be as dense or well-compacted as the undisturbed soil. When a heavy concrete slab is poured around the pool, loose soil will often compress under the slab’s weight, causing sections of the concrete to sink or settle.

How PolyRenewal™ works to repair your settled pool deck

PolyRenewal™ is a high-density expanding foam that our technicians can use to raise settled concrete. The two-part polyurethane foam mixture is injected through small holes drilled in the settled concrete. Our installers are trained to control the injection process so that just enough foam is used to lift the concrete deck. Because the foam’s expanding action fills voids in loose soil, this concrete lifting technique improves the soil’s stability and load-bearing characteristics. You can feel confident that settlement won’t occur again.

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Worried that your sinking swimming pool deck might be a tripping hazard? Innovative Basement Authority has successfully raised and restored hundreds of pool decks in Rush City. Contact us today! We can answer any questions you have about concrete repair and provide you with a free estimate to repair your pool surround.

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