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Before and After Pictures from Ward County, ND
Clean & Dry crawlspace in Minot, ND
Clean & Dry crawlspace in Minot, ND
SafeDri Pro Installation in Minot, ND
SafeDri Pro Installation in Minot, ND
BasementGutter Installation in Minot, ND
BasementGutter Installation in Minot, ND
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Drain Grate
FreezeGuard Discharge Line
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Pre-finishing Wall Insulation Panels
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2016's Small Business Success Award
Innovative Basement Authority has been rewarded for evolving into a successful business. Starting out in 2005 as an egress window company Innovative has now transformed into a $20 million, 90...
2016 Customer Satisfaction Award
2016 Customer Satisfaction Award presented by Pulse of the City News and the Stirling Center for Excellence....
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Patriot Award
  The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) hosted civilian employers of National Guard members for an organizational briefing and familiarization tour at the North Dakota Air National Guard...

Innovative Basement Authority serving Ward County, ND

The installation team from Innovative Basement Authority was very efficient. There was no time wasted by these men. They worked very well…

Happy Customers Surrounding Ward County, ND
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Professional Basement Waterproofing in Ward County

Innovative Basement Authority is committed to customer service and is proud to serve our area. We have a talented team of technicians that are ready to help you find the best solution using quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you so that you can have the best results for your home!

Innovative Basement Authority are local experts when it comes to basement waterproofing solutions. Our specialists will inspect your home thoroughly and walk you through all your basement waterproofing options. Basement waterproofing problems are often caused by leaky pipes, sump pump failures, or just simply flooding during heavy rainfall. Basement waterproofing will help your home if you are experiencing these symptoms in your basement:

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Crystaline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation
  • Leaky basement windows

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Excellent Foundation Repairs and Concrete Lifting in Ward County

Foundation with cracked wall in Ward County

Foundation Cracks we Commonly See

For all your foundation repair needs, you can count on Innovative Basement Authority to get the job done reliably and efficiently, leaving you with nothing but excellent results. Most foundation problems are caused by broken, weakened soil that can't support the structure. This is why we have the quality products that are proven to provide permanent foundation repair solutions. Our push piers and jack posts will correct uneven, sloping floors and our wall anchors and I-Beam wall braces will remedy bowing, leaning walls. To learn more about foundation & wall crack repair cost, call or click today! 

Innovative Basement Authority also offers the PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting & Leveling System. With a PolyRenewal injection, we can lift & level concrete sidewalks, patios, and even areas inside your home with an injection site the size of a penny. It's unique from what other contractors might suggest because unlike traditional methods, PolyRenewal is the most efficient and cost-effective method for concrete lifting & leveling. PolyRenewal injections can fix uneven concrete slabs without removing the entire slab, making it a fast, simple, and long-lasting solution. Concrete lifting & leveling is much easier and convenient than you think, call or click now to start improving your home!

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Trusted Crawl Space Repairs and Sump Pump Installations

Crawl space with vapor barrier installed in Ward County

Completed Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space issues can often lead to other problems in your home if left unchecked. Get your crawl space inspected by the specialists at Innovative Basement Authority and get the quality service your home deserves. Our team of professionals will identify your crawl space repair issues and recommend the appropriate crawl space repairs. We install quality products that will turn your musty, dirty crawl space into a clean, energy-efficient area. The major warning signs of crawl space repair problems are:

  • Sagging floors
  • Condensation
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Foundations cracks

The SafeDri Triple sump pump is a great addition to any crawl space or basement. Its unique design with a primary and secondary pump, as well as a third, battery operated backup pump, make it the best choice for keeping your home dry and safe from water damage, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Innovative Basement Authority has the tools and the years of expertise to get your project done right the first time. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable technicians are ready to work with you to find a solution that will work best for your home and your budget. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Job Stories From Ward County, ND
Cracked, Humid Walls in Bloomington, MN

Laurel H. of Bloomington, MN had water problems in her basement before she gave Innovative Basement Authority a call. It wasn't' until she noticed cracks in the unfinished portion of their basement that she wondered if the rest of her basement was succumbing to the same fate.

Certified Field Inspector Brandan Bach and Foreman Ben Warren came out to the house to do a free estimate on Laurel's basement to see where the problem was originating. To Laurel's surprise the water was from a sump pump malfunction. To fix the problem, the crew installed a SuperSump pump system with a cast iron pump liner, airtight lid, and a airtight floor drain. A Basement Air System was installed to keep humidity low in the basement as well as filter clean air throughout the house. After everything was installed the crew was then able to fix the cracks in the wall.

Laurel H. has been extremely happy with how things turned out and is now enjoying her dry basement while never having to worry about humidity or cracked basement walls again!

Zimmerman, MN Crawlspace Encapsulation

With a dirt crawlspace beneath their home, homeowners in Zimmerman, MN contacted Innovative curious about encapsulation options. Their Certified Field Inspector then explained Innovative's CrawlSeal system for crawlspaces. The CrawlSeal liner is a vapor barrier that is puncture and tear resistant. The liner is installed on the walls and floor of the crawlspace area. Then to add to the encapsulation, the TEAM will install a energy efficient dehumidifier that will self drain into a SafeDri Pro that is designed especially for crawlspaces. The SafeDri Pro turns on automatically if water levels ever raise and come into the crawlspace. This way you won't have to worry about having a wet crawlspace that could damage the rest of your home. 

After the encapsulation was complete, the crawlspace is now air tight, and free of moisture. Plus, with the encapsulation complete, the homeowners will now be enjoying lower energy bills.

Chisago City, MN Home Air Sealing

After homeowners were beginning to notice ice damming on their roof, they contacted Innovative for help. Ice damming is caused when warm air from the inside your home heats up the underside of the roof causing ice/snow to melt. Then the melted ice runs down the roof and refreezes when it gets to the gutters and overhang. Thus causing icicles to form on your home. This causes water to get trapped (refer to diagram) beneath the ice build up. 

Ice dams can cause damage to your home. It can cause your roof shingles to get damaged and leak. With this happening to their homeowners, they knew something had to be done. The TEAM then determined the home's attic needed to be air sealed. They first performed a home energy audit to determine exactly where in the attic needed to be sealed. 

With the audit done, the TEAM began the air sealing process. Now that the project is complete, the homeowners haven't had any more ice damming and the damage to their roof has been repaired. 

Chisago City, MN Home Air Sealing - Photo 1Chisago City, MN Home Air Sealing - Photo 2

Belcourt, ND Sump Pump Upgrade

Homeowners in Belcourt, ND were in need of a new sump pump after their previous one failed to keep their basement dry. They contacted Innovative about a new sump pump as well as a drainage system. The TEAM then installed a SafeDri Pro, dehumidifier and a BasementGutter drainage system.

Belcourt, ND Sump Pump Upgrade - Photo 1Belcourt, ND Sump Pump Upgrade - Photo 2

Basement Waterproofing in Minot, ND

After seeing us at the KX Sports Show in Minot, ND, and signing up for a free estimate, homeowners from Minot met with Certified Field Inspector, Brady Bergquist, about their continually wet basement.  Brady walked the basement and inspected their current sump pump.  There was actually water on the floor while he was there.  They had a nice living area downstairs too - so getting the moisture under control was very important to them.

Brady recommended BasementGutter drainage, which would be installed around the entire perimeter of the basement, paired with a new SafeDri Triple sump pump.  This would allow them to pack away all the fans and hoses they were using in vain effort to keep their basement dry!  The homeowners were thrilled and scheduled the job.  With the project now complete - they can feel confident that their wet basement is a problem of the past.

IntelliBrace Foundation Wall Stabilization in Minot, ND

After seeing our commercial on television, homeowners from Minot, ND, called the experts at Innovative Basement Authority regarding a basement wall that was bowing.  He wanted to stabalize the wall before he finished it.   Certified Field Inspector, Jason Kratcha, visted the home and inspected the failing wall.  There was a bout a two inch deflection and the recommendation was made for IntelliBraces.  The homeowber was in agreement and the install went well.  The foundation is now stabilized and the worries are behind him!

PolyRenewal Foam Injection Concrete Lifting in Minot, ND

We LOVE word-of-mouth referrals and that is exaclty how this homeowner from Minot, ND, came to call on us regarding his settling garage apron and sidewalk. Certified Field Inspector, Casey Bratholt, visited the homeowner and inspected his areas of concern.  PolyRenewal foam injection along with joint sealant were Casey's recommenddations.  He went over the products, lifting process, warranty information as well as costs involved.  The homeowner liked what he saw, and even though he was an avid Packer fan, we didn't increase the dollar amount on his estimate!

Regardless of who you cheer for - if you have settled concrete, give us a call!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Minot, ND

After visiting our booth at the North Dakota State Fair, homeowner from Minot, ND, finally decided to have her crawlspace encapsulated.  Crawl space repair will help you avoid unnecessary repairs, create a healthier living space, and save money on your utility bills. And once you've encapsulated your crawl space with a vapor barrier, you've gained valuable storage space in your home.

Certified Field Inspector, Jason Kratcha, met with the homeowner and performed an inspection.  Jason noted a lot of debris and high humidity levels.  After his inspection, Jason made recommendations for encapsulation with CrawlSeal drainage matting, CrawlSeal moisture barrier, installation of a SafeDri Pro sump pump and placement of a dehumidifier.

The homeowner was impressed with the products and warranty.  She applied for financing and was approved while Jason was still at her home.  The project was completed and she's even called back to schedule her annual service.

Call to schedule your free estimate today!

After 28 Years in Kenmare, ND

After dealing with water problems for 28 years - the superintendant of the Kenmare high school called on TEAM Innovative to see if we could solve the problem.  After inspection, it was determined that installation of perimeter drainage and placement of an additional sump pump (SafeDri Triple) would solve the water problems.  Once the water was removed, we were able to install the system and ever since, the basement has been dry!

PolyRenewal Foam Injection in Walker, MN

Wes B. from Sisseton, ND purchased a beautiful retirement home on Leech Lake in Walker, MN.  Wes reached out to Innovative Basement Authority to see what could be done about his garage/front apron as it was settling and he didn't want it to get worse.

Certified Field Inspector, Jason Kratcha, met with the Wes and inspected his areas of concern.  Jason went over the injection process for PolyRenewal, explained the many benefits.

Advantages of PolyRenewal:

Strong and lightweight: The expanding foam used in the PolyRenewal® process weighs only about 4lbs. per cubic ft. compared to 120lbs. per cubic ft. for standard fill material. PolyRenewal® can support a substantial load without imposing added weight on unstable soil.

Waterproof: Unlike mudjacking fill, PolyRenewal® expanding foam will not wash away once it is cured.

Environmentally-friendly: PolyRenewal material does not react with soil or moisture and does not release harmful chemicals.

Fast-acting: The expanding polymer typically reaches its final strength and is able to support weight within 15 minutes.

Adjustable: The chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand can be adjusted to control how much the concrete is lifted. A special formulation can be used for projects that require water displacement.

Noninvasive: PolyRenewal does not use the large equipment required for other mudjacking techniques. The polymer injection foam is applied through small holes drilled in the slab, leaving little to no mess behind.


Wes was excited to get the work completed and signed off on the contract.  The job went as planned, with excellent lift achieved.  Wes also has peace of mind with a five year warranty.

If you have a concrete sidewalk, garage apron, pool deck or patio that has settleled, call today!

Serving the following Ward County, ND zip codes
Minot 58701, Minot 58702, Minot 58707, Minot 58703, Minot Afb 58704, Surrey 58785, Burlington 58722, Kenmare 58746, Minot Afb 58705, Berthold 58718, Sawyer 58781, Des Lacs 58733, Carpio 58725, Makoti 58756, Ryder 58779, Douglas 58735, Donnybrook 58734
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Melissa T. in Minot, ND
The guys at Innovative Basement Authority were very pleasant to work with. They were thoughtful and understanding of my concerns about being able to breathe with my asthma. Several people have already contacted you from my reference and my excitement of how awesome your guys were.
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Richard B. in Minot, ND
Great from first contact to installation!
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Michelle P. in Minot, ND
Had our basement done in Jan 2011 and have had no water issues since then.  All my neighbors have water issues with all the rain lately and we are dry.  We are loving it!!! Would recommend them to everyone!!!
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Donna S. in Minot, ND
He explained to me very well everything that was going to be done.
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Wayne S. in Minot, ND
ry courteous staff.  Amazingly neat considering the work that was done.
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Eric L. in Minot, ND
Very detailed process and the installation crew was quick and clean.
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Cindy R. in Minot, ND
After dealing with seepage from cracked foundation walls for many years it is such a relief that I don't have to worry anymore!
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58703
Awesome product and installation. It rained 1/2 inch the night of installation and basement was dry for the first time in years. Installation crew was great and kept us informed throughout the process. Wished we had done in years ago! Thanks for making our basement livable again.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58703
They answered all our questions clearly.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
Very Good! The entire process was seamless!
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Alyce & George
Minot, ND 58701
Good Job – Guys!! Thank You!!
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58703
Chad was great! A true professional and knowledgeable about all of the components and systems.  Thank you!
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Mike & Debbie
Minot, ND 58703
Thank you!
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58703
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
Your employees were always polite and good workers.
Ward County, ND Customer Testimonial
Jeanne H. in Des Lacs, ND
I was very happy with the job done.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Carpio, ND 58725
An amazing product and company from the sales to the final product. I never thought it would look new again. Thanks.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Berthold, ND 58718
Thank you so much for everything…it’s great to finally have my basement back!
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58703
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
Very positive experience and guys installing were very professional. I would definitely us Innovative Basement Authority again.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58703
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
Innovative Basements provided the most comprehensive plan for dealing with our water problem.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
The salesman fully explained everything.. The crew was very good and very personable and cleaned up very well.
Ward County, ND Customer Review
Minot, ND 58701
Fast and clean, the Salesperson was very knowledgeable. Crew was very fast and efficient. Will recommend to all!
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Settled floating slab driveway apron
Vicinity of
We want a dehumidifier that is self draining.
Vicinity of Wright Street S
Water seeping through the basement walls
Vicinity of Ward St
I would like a estimate for installing a dehumidifier unit in our finished basement, the basement is about 1,200 sq ft. About 6-8 years ago basement innovations installed a drain system along with 2 sump pumps, and were very pleased with the results.ThanksRyan Wagner
Vicinity of N Wallace St
Need an estimate to repair leaning and cracked concrete walls in my garage
Vicinity of
We have 2 rooms that are 14ft by 10ft and need a price on flooring.
Vicinity of Edward Street
Would like an estimate on waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of
This was a flooded home. My flooded home. At any rate, I need to see what my options are for repairing the foundation, if it's even possible .

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