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Before and After Pictures from Hennepin County, MN
Crawlspace Encapsulation in Minneapolis, MN
Crawlspace Encapsulation in Minneapolis, MN
Maple Grove, MN Home Waterproofing
Maple Grove, MN Home Waterproofing
Home Gets Wall Panels in Champlin, MN
Home Gets Wall Panels in Champlin, MN
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2016's Small Business Success Award
Innovative Basement Authority has been rewarded for evolving into a successful business. Starting out in 2005 as an egress window company Innovative has now transformed into a $20 million, 90...
2016 Customer Satisfaction Award
2016 Customer Satisfaction Award presented by Pulse of the City News and the Stirling Center for Excellence....
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  The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) hosted civilian employers of National Guard members for an organizational briefing and familiarization tour at the North Dakota Air National Guard...

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Reviews From Hennepin County, MN

Hennepin County Concrete Leveling, Radon, & Foundation Experts

For the past decade Innovative Basement Authority has been the trusted expert for foundation repair, basement finishing & more. With a dedication to expert work and access to over 28 products we have the experience and tools for the job. Give us a call to have any questions answered & get a free, no-obligation estimate. Let's get the work started on your Hennepin County home.

Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling

If your home is suffering from foundation issues let us know. We can have one of our foundation specialists visit & inspect the problem. We can then identify and explain the best method to repair the issue. The foundation products we choose to use have a 25 year warranty.
Repairs for:
  • Wall Cracks
  • Bowing Walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Settling Foundations
  • Uneven Concrete Slabs
We Use: 
  • Wall Anchors
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Foundation & Slab Piers
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts
  • PolyRenewal
We also deal with sinking and settling concrete. To fix sinking concrete slabs we use PolyRenewal, a polyurethane foam. The foam is injected through small holes drilled into the slab. Beneath the slab the foam expands to fill all the gaps and lifts the concrete back to a level position. You don't need to deal with cracks or tripping hazards. Give our Hennepin County experts a call.

Hennepin County Basement Finishing & Remodeling

If you are planning on finishing or remodeling your Hennepin County basement please give us a call first. The reason why we ask this is that many homeowners will install traditional materials like wood and drywall in the basement. Unfortunately if these materials get wet from a burst pipe or leaking water heater your new expensive basement can quickly be ruined.
Our Products Include: 
  • Waterproof, Washable, Insulated Walls
  • Mold-Resistant, No-Sag suspended Ceilings
  • Modular Carpet, Tile & Faux Wood Flooring
  • Energy-efficient, Double-paned Basement Windows
  • Attractive Basement Window Wells
  • French, Bifold, Louvre & Six-paneled steel Doors
So we use completely inorganic, waterproof materials that allow you to have an attractive finished basement that is safe from water damage. The goal is to give you a finished basement that lasts a lifetime. We provide free inspections and cost estimates along with financing options for work done. Make sure to get started today!
Case Studies From Hennepin County, MN
Replacing a Plymouth Homeowner's Sump Pump
The homeowner called Innovative Basement Authority  after discovering their basement began to flood. They used their basement as a storage area and did not want their belongings being stored to...
Lifting concrete sidewalk in Plymouth, MN
Innovative Basement Authority was called to a home in Plymouth, MN for a sinking slab issue.  The homeowner stated that the leaves, rain and ice would collect and the landing...
Job Stories From Hennepin County, MN
Foundation Problems in Eden Prairie, MN

Homeowners in Eden Prairie, MN were experiencing foundation wall issues and crawlspace issues. After contacting Innovative, the team installed IntelliBraces to stabilize the home and a CrawlSeal to isolate the home from the earth. With the combination of these systems, the home is now more energy efficient and the homeowners will be enjoying lower heating and cooling bills. 

Foundation Problems in Eden Prairie, MN - Photo 1Foundation Problems in Eden Prairie, MN - Photo 2

Sloping Home Makes Noise In St. Louis Park, MN

Home Owners from St. Louis Park, MN called Innovative Basement Authority after they started to notice popping and cracking noises, as well as having one corner of their house being sloped since 1993. They also noticed in the past year when construction was being done by their house, heavy machinery would cause their home to shake. Afterwards the popping noises and visibility of a settling first floor was even more noticeable. When a specialist checked out the property he could see that the house was settling and sinking more and more.

After talking with the specialist, the homeowners realized they were in need of foundation repairs. The crew installed Helical Piers using a standard bracket. After the job was finished the homeowners no longer heard the cracking or popping noises, and the first floor no longer sloped.

Flooding Office Basement in Minnetonka, MN

After dealing with a flooded office basement for quite some time a office owner in Minnetonka, MN called a local contractor to fix the problem. Not only did the work done from the local contractor fail, it made the flooding in the basement worse. That’s when Innovative Basement Authority stepped in and put the office owner's mind at ease with our BasementGutter and SuperSump sump pump system.

With their new system in place, the office basement no longer takes in water and is now being used as valuable storage place.

Maple Grove, MN Basement Water Proofing

A family in Maple Grove, MN was experiencing water seeping through their basement floor when Innovative Basement Authority was called to assess the problem. It was then their Certified Field Inspector saw that their basement was lacking a waterproofing system to keep up with the heavy rain and snow that many Minnesotans and North Dakotan's face today.

The crew installed a SafeDri Triple pump system along with FreezeGuard to prevent floods from a frozen discharge line, BasementGutter Port for access to the system, and BasementGutter sub-floor drainage system. After 3 years the basement has not flooded, or taken in water leaving it dry, and clean for whatever the family needs. 

Maple Grove, MN Basement Waterproofing

Homeowners in Maple Grove, MN wanted to finish off their basement but knew they needed to waterproof the area first. They contacted Innovative to discuss their options. The TEAM then installed a BasementGutter draining system and SafeDri Triple sump pump. The homeowners are now enjoying their dry and comfortable basement. 

Maple Grove, MN Basement Waterproofing - Photo 1Maple Grove, MN Basement Waterproofing - Photo 2

Damp and Mold Take Over Laundry Room Walls

Duane and Debbie first called Innovative Basement Authority when they noticed mold growing on their laundry room walls. Although they didn't have any water, the humidity gave the house an overall feeling of "dampness". System Design System Neal Schumacher put together a plan to stop the mold from forming, along with getting rid of the damp feeling throughout the home. 

Primary Foreman, Dan Widenstrom and team came out to the house and got to work. The team first installed a Triple Safe pump system with twin liner along with SafeDri battery back-up pumping system, and an alarm system. To keep the humidity low and to circulate clean air throughout the home a Dehumidifier Upright was installed. To help keep the walls clean and dry LumaBright paneling was installed.

Since Duane and Debbie had work done they no longer experience mold or humidity problems in their home and basement.

Damp and Mold Take Over Laundry Room Walls - Photo 1Damp and Mold Take Over Laundry Room Walls - Photo 2

Challenging Waterproofing Job in Champlin, MN

Homeowners in Champlin, MN were beginning to notice water in their basement. After further investigation, they discovered the water was seeping in from their basement wall beneath the staircase. Concerned this would cause difficulties with installing a waterproofing system, the homeowners contacted Innovative for help. After our Certified Field Inspector examined the area, he was happy to reassure the homeowners we could help. Through a few obstacles with the staircase, the TEAM was successfully able to waterproof the basement. They used a variety of drain tiles including BasementGutter and permieter drainage. Along with the drainage system, the TEAM also installed a SafeDri Pro pump to collect and get rid of the water.

Challenging Waterproofing Job in Chmplin, MN - Photo 1Challenging Waterproofing Job in Chmplin, MN - Photo 3

Wall Anchors and Waterproofing Installed in Mound, MN

Allan K. of Mound, MN had water seepage, cracks in his floor, and a bowing wall when he found an ad for Innovative Basement Authority that showed we could complete all three problems. Certified Field Inspector, Keith Hanson came out to perform a free estimate and visited with Allan to find out what would be the right setup.

Shortly after the free estimate, a crew came out and began installing a waterproofing system complete with BasementGutter, SafeDri Pro, and FreezeGuard. To fix the bowing walls the crew installed Wall Anchors. Since the work was completed Allan says he no longer has water in his basement and his walls are straightening out more and more.

 Wall Anchors and Waterproofing Installed in Mound, MN - Photo 1 Wall Anchors and Waterproofing Installed in Mound, MN - Photo 2 Wall Anchors and Waterproofing Installed in Mound, MN - Photo 3 Wall Anchors and Waterproofing Installed in Mound, MN - Photo 4 Wall Anchors and Waterproofing Installed in Mound, MN - Photo 5

Concrete raised in Hamel, MN

Homeowners in Hamel, MN were having troubles with their concrete slab sinking near their house. Due to the slab slanting towards the home and water pooling next to the foundation, and the grade around the foundation sloping towards the home, the homeowners were also having troubles with water seeping into their basement. After expressing their concerns to the Certified Field Inspector, the TEAM planned for repair. To fix the sinking slab, the TEAM would inject PolyRenewal beneath the concrete. To fix the grade issue, the TEAM fixed it so it was slanting away from the foundation. Then, since the basement was wet in only one room, the TEAM installed CrawlSeal on the necessary wall and a BasementGutter drainage system in the room to prevent any further damage. 

Since the repairs, the homeowners are now enjoying the dry basement. They're also enjoying less tripping hazards on the exterior of their home where concrete slabs were. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Dayton, MN

While some homeowners start having problems with their dirt crawl space which prompts them to contact us, these homeowners in Dayton, MN contacted us for a different reason. After learning about the benefits an encapsulated crawlspace can provide the rest of your house, the homeowners knew this was something they should invest in. The TEAM then installed our vapor barrier, CrawlSeal, along with spray foam insulation. With the combination of the two, the crawlspace will make it easier to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Dayton, MN - Photo 1Crawl Space Encapsulation in Dayton, MN - Photo 2

Foundation Repair in Waseca, MN

Homeowner from Waseca, MN, visited our exhibit at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show and set up a time for inspection of his foundation.   Certified Field Inspector, Jerry Bartell visted the home and indeed found that he had a few walls in the basement that were bowing and also some exterior concrete that was not level.   Both concerns, as Jerry explained, could be repaired with our techniques and products:  IntelliBrace and PolyRenewal.  The IntelliBrace™ is a foundation wall repair system that's designed to stabilize failing basement walls and provide the potential t straighten walls over time.

After installation and correction of the bowing walls, along with the lifted concrete outside - the homeowner was relieved!  Not only was there a visual improvement, but no more worries about his foundation getting worse.  Success!

PolyRenewal Performance at Long Lake Fire Department in Orono, MN

Long Lake Fire Department in Orono, MN, contacted the experts at Innovative Basement Authority after researching options for concrete leveling.  They called with interest in our PolyRenewal injection foam for concrete leveling - as their sidewalk to the station was unlevel and posed a tripping and fall hazard.

Certified Field Inspector, Bob Joyce, visited the station and met with the chief.  After inspecting the concrete and explaining the repair, the job was scheduled.  The station was very happy with the results and we were more than happy to do the repair for them too!

PolyRenewal® can repair:

  • Concrete slabs and slab foundations
  • Sunken sidewalks
  • Loose soil
  • Sinkholes and other voids
  • Roadways and highways
  • Airport runways
  • Rail beds weakened by soil washouts
  • Load-bearing characteristics in pre-construction applications
Basement Waterproofing & PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting in Minneapolis, MN

Homeowner from Minneapolis, MN reached out to the TEAM at Innovative after researcing basement waterproofing on  There was water coming in her basement from one corner and wall.  Certified Field Inspector, Eric Rysdam, visited the home and quickly noticed the sidewalk along the problem side had considerable settling and was more than likely the cause of the water, so recommendation was made for concrete leveling with PolyRenewal.   The basement also did not have proper drainage so a BasementGutter drain system was recommended as well as a SafeDri Triple sump pump.

After installation, the homeowner was very pleased - expecially because we were able to keep the dust to a minimum!

Improved Sidewalk to Front Door with PolyRenewal Concrete Leveling in Minneapolis, MN

After searching on for someone that could correct his setting concrete sidewalk, homeowner from Minneapolis, MN, contacted the TEAM at Innovative Basement Authority.  Certified Field Inspector, Chad Neegaard, visited with the homeowner and explained how PolyRenewal would be the perfect product for the job.  Polymer injection harnesses the expansive force of a structural grade geopolymer to provide fast concrete leveling, fill voids in soil and strengthen soil that has poor load-bearing qualities.

After discussion, the homeowner agreed and the job was scheduled.  Once complete - the homeowner was very happy and said "this is just how I hoped it would turn out!"

Call today for your free estimate!

Waterproofing Home Built in 1901 in Minneapolis, MN

This homeowner from Minneapolis, MN, reached out to the TEAM at Innovative for assistance with water in her basement after a rain.  Her home was built in 1901!  Certified Field Inspector, Joanne Scheid, visited the homeowner and inspected the basement.  Several options were presented for waterproofing - and after looking at the budget and determining priorities, it was decided that drainage and a sump pump were at the top of the list.  (May consider additional waterproofing as budget allows!)

BasementGutter drainage system was installed to the perimeter of the basement and in conjunction, a SafeDri Triple sump pump was installed.  The homeowner is now warrantied and water worries free - call today for your FREE waterproofing estimate!

PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting to Garage Apron in Mound, MN

After searching on, homeowner from Mound, MN, contacted Innovative Basement Authority regarding his settling garage apron.  Certified Field Inspector, Eric Rysdam, visted the propery and made recommendations for PolyRenewal to he homowner.   The job was scheduled, completed and the homeowner was impressed to say the least!

Call today!

Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System in Eden Prairie, MN

Homeowner from Eden Prairie, MN, emailed the basement experts at Innovative Basement Authority regarding both vertical and horizontal cracks & bowing on her basement wall. The house was built in 1978 and sits on clay.  She hasn't had any water problems, but is interested in an estimate for repair.   After receiving THREE estimates from THREE different companies, the work was scheduled with the TEAM at Innovative!    Certified Field Inspector, Dustin Sagedahl, offered her Carbon Fiber as an alternative to bracing and she really appreciated that.

Carbon Fiber is an Innovative product development that was undertaken by aerospace engineers and the U.S. Dept. of Defense and is now being applied to the age-old problem of cracked and bowing foundation walls. The Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System, utilizes the same technology used to support bridges, skyscrapers and bomb shelters to stabilize building foundations that have sustained damage such as cracks and bowing.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Makes A World of Difference in Brooklyn Park, MN

After visiting our booth at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show, homeowner from Brooklyn Park, MN, reached out the Innovative Basement Authority to address his cinder block crawlspace under his steps.  He wanted to guard against moisture and make it a clean, usuable storage space.  We sent Certified Field Inspector, Dan Supan, to the home to take measurements and inspect the crawlspace.  CrawlSeal vapor barrier with drainage matting would be the perfect solution!   After doing some education and writing up the estimate, the homeowner signed off and scheduled the job.  It wasn't a big job - but it made a BIG difference!  Call the TEAM today for your free estimate!

Basement Waterproofing in Eden Prairie, MN

Homeowner from Eden Prairie, MN, contacted the TEAM at Innovative to help her solve her wet basement problems.  Her home was built in 1977 and she purchased it in 2004.  Every spring since then, her basement gets saturated with water.  She had pulled up the carpet, threw away the pad and removed all the ruined sheetrock.

Certified Field Inspector, Pete Salazar, met with the homeowner and inspected the basement.  His recommendations were for a water drainage system and a new sump pump. Homeowner was in agreement and the job was scheduled!  Since installation of BasementGutter and her SafeDri Triple sump pump the basement has been dry! What an improvement, she'd wished she'd called sooner!

Basement Waterproofing in Excelsior, MN

After stopping by our exhibit at the MN Sportsmen's Show, homeowners from Excelsior, MN, scheduled a free basement waterproofing estimate with us, as they were planning on doing some remodeling.  Certified Field Inspector, Don Kropidlowski, visted the home and inspected the basement.  There was definitely evidence of water, so a drainage system was recommended as well as our SafeDri Triple sump pump.

At Innovative Basement Authority, we install only the best sump pump systems available anywhere in the North Dakota and Minnesota area. We have an answer to clogging sump pumps, power failures, torrential rainfall, and much more!

We service Minneapolis, St. Paul and Fargo as well as Bismarck, Saint Cloud, Eden Prairie, Grand Forks, Minot, Anoka, Andover and nearby!  Call today!

PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting in West Fargo, ND

Homeowner from West Fargo, ND, reached out to Innovative Basment Systems as he was excited to get his driveway lifted & sealed.  Jason Kratcha, Certified Field Inspector, visted the homeowner and recommended PolyRenewal foam injection.  The combined weight of concrete and the vehicles and structures it supports often causes the soil beneath the slab to shift and settle. When this happens, major problems can occur.  The damage done by sinking concrete can have several side effects. Tripping hazards on stairs and walkways are common, as are cracked and uneven driveways and garages. On a larger scale, roadways and parking lots can become dangerous or even unusable if the problem is left untreated.

PolyRenewal is designed specifically to repair a variety of residential and commercial concrete problems. Innovative Basement Authority is your certified contractor for PolyRenewal concrete leveling in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fargo and surrounding areas.

Basement Waterproofing in St.Louis Park, MN

After owning his home just a few short months, homeowner from St. Louis Park, MN, emailed the expers at Innovative Basment Systems about the "horrendous" leak in the corner of the basement whenever it rains.  He had pulled back the carpet and removed the drywall and discovered a small hole in the block wall that he presumes was from a nail used to attac furring strips.  Now - he uses a shop vac to manage the water but desparately wants a permanent solution.

Certified Field Inspector, Stacy Sternberg, visted the home and inspected the basement with the homeowner.  Recommendations were made for CrawlSeal vapor barrier to walls, BasementGutter perimeter drainage system, and finally a SafeDri Triple sump pump.  She educated the homeowner on all of the products she recommended, went over warranty information and reviewed the estimate with him.  The homeowner was in agreement with the plan and the job was on the books.

Since installation, the homeowner has not had to touch his shop vac and that makes for a HAPPY CUSTOMER in St. Louis Park!

IntelliBrace Installation in Excelsior, MN

Homeowners from Excelsior, MN, called Innovative Basement Authority in hopes that we could help them with their failing foundation - particularily a wall that was bowing in their basement.  Foundation walls move inward primarily due to expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure on the walls from outside. However, foundation walls may also crack due to many other outside causes, including foundation settlement. Our foundation experts will accurately identify the cause of your home's foundation problems.

Certified Field Inspector, Don Kropidlowski, visted the home and inspected the foundation.  One wall was definitely in need of The IntelliBrace System and the homeower was totally in agreement.  The job was scheduled and completed without a hitch!  The homeowners can now rest assured their home foundation is safe and sound.

PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting in Minneapolis, MN

After seeing our ad in the StarTribune, homeowner from Minneapolis called Innovative Basement Authority to inquire on concrete lifting.  Certified Field Inspector, Marc McCullen, visted the homeowner and educated her on PolyRenewal foam injection. After going over product information, warranty and the estimate - the homeownwer was anxious to move forward.

The before and after pics speak for themselves!  The homeowner was so impressed she already has hired us to waterproof her basement.  Stay tuned!

Interior Concrete Lifting with PolyRenewal Foam Injection in Champlin, MN

After seeing our commercial on television, homeowner from Champlin, MN, contacted the TEAM to inquire on PolyRenewal for their slab-on-grade portion of their living room that had settled.  Certified Field Inspector, Brady Berqquist, met with the homeowners and felt confident that PolyRenewal would lift the slab nicely.  Knowing the owners also had in-floor forced air heating system, a bit more skill was needed to complete their job - but it went perfectly!  The homeowner was so pleased with the work of the production team!  Take a look at the before and after pics and then give us a call!

Foundation Repaired in Minnetonka, MN

After seeing our coupon in the Dollars & Sense Magazine, homeowners from Minnetonka, MN, contacted Innovative Basement Authority as they were concerned with their bowing and cracking basement walls/floor.   We sent out two Certified Field Inspectors to this estimate to ensure we offered the right solution.  After thorough inspection, recommendations were made for PolyRenewal as well as Carbon Fiber and IntelliBrace for foundation wall repair.  While full lift wasn't achieved as the garage wall was moving with it - the homeowner was happy with the job and is relieved her foundation walls are now secure and warrantied for life!


PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting in Champlin, MN

Homeowners from Champlin, MN, emailed Innovative regarding their front step concrete slab.  Concerns were that water had washed away the fill below and they wanted it raised back into place.   Certified Field Inspector, Jeremy Olson, visited the home, inspected the areas of concern and made his recommendations for correction.

Jeremy talked in depth with the homeowners about the benefits of using PolyRenewal foam injection for lifting.  He went over the five year warranty as well as reviewed the estimate in detail with them.  The job went on the schedule and was completed without complications.  Great work and happy customers in Champliln!

If you have sinking slab call today!

1920 Basement Waterproofing in Minneapolis, MN

After researching online for basement waterproofing, homeowner from Minneapolis, MN, contacted Innovative Basment Systems to see if we permanently correct the water problems in his 1920 home.  Certified Field Inspector, Pete Salazar, met with the KU graduate to inspect his basement and offer his expertise for waterproofing.  A BasementGutter drainage system to perimeter and a SafeDri Triple sump pump were recommended and the homeowner agree'd with the plan.  Since installation of both - the basement has been dry and the smell is starting to go away!

Basement Waterproofing in Minneapolis, MN

After looking for waterproofing companies on - homeowner from MPLS, MN contacted the TEAM at Innovative for a complimentary estimate on basement waterproofing.  We sent out Pete Salazar, Certified Field Inspector, to inspect the basement and talk through the waterproofing process with the homeowner.  Relative humidity levels in the basement were at 62% - which leads to mold growth.  The basement was small with low headroom - lots of cement flaking, debris and paint mold growth, again - due to high humidity.

Pete made recommendations for CrawlSeal vapor barrier to the walls as well as the dehumidifier.  He educated the homeownner on the products, warranty information as well as reviewing the estimate in detail.   Homeowner was in agreement with the waterproofing plan and we got the job scheduled and completed in no time.

Now, the home is dry and a much healthier, more comfortable environment! That's what we do here, everyday!

Three Rivers Parks Foundation Repair in Maple Plain, MN

After doing their research online for foundation repair - Three Rivers reached out to the foundation experts at TEAM Innovative to see if we could correct their foundation walls that were bowing.  We sent out Certified Field Inspector, Chad Neegard, to do an inspection and meet with the park manager.  Chad spent a good amount of time with his inspection as well as doing a lot of education on Carbon Fiber, production, warranty as well as going over his estimate.

The park board was in agreement with the plan for repair and we got the job permitted and completed without any hiccups.

Basement Waterproofing in Minneapolis, MN

After seeing our coupon in Valpak, homeowner from Minneapolis, MN, contacted the basement experts at Innovative Basement Authority to inquire on waterproofing her basement.  We sent out Certified Field Inspector, Eric Rysdam, to visit with the homeowner and inspect the problem area.  While in the basement, Eric talked about the importance of having a drainage system to actually guide any water to the sump pump - the BasementGutter drainge system was explained as well as the importance of having a reliable sump pump, such as the SafeDri Triple.  To protect the block from leaking and moisture - CrawlSeal vapor barrier was also recommended.

The project was completed and now the family can be assured that their kids are breathing cleaner air, free from musty smells (mold) and that any future hard rains or water, will not effect their home.

Four Season Porch Piering in Maple Plain, MN

Homeowners from Maple Plain, MN, reached out to the TEAM at Innovative regarding their four-season porch that has been moving. The three exterior posts were out of plumb by almost 1 3/4 inches and the exterior wall beneath the posts had heaved approximately 1/2 inch.  Certified Field Inspector, Brady Bergquist, was on site and visited at length with the homeowners as well as calling on one of our foreman to walk through the job requirements before putting an estimate and job plan together.

Brady recommended deck piers and helical piers, along with some supplemental bracing and beams.  The homeowner was in agreement and excited to get the job completed.

While spring did prevent the work from happening right away, due to frost - we got the job done by Memorial Day and now, they can enjoy their porch knowing it is stable and secure.

Basement Waterproofing in Minneapolis, MN

After seeing our ad on television, homeowner from MPLS, MN, reached out to the TEAM to inquire on waterproofing options for her basement.  Certified Field Inspector, Joanne Sheid, met with the homeowner and inspected the areas of concern - which was specifically along the south wall of her basement.  Jo recommended that a drainage system be installed along that wall that would drain into a new SafeDri Triple sump pump.  Recommendations were also made for a dehumidifier - that also drains directly into the sump.  The homeowner wrote her deposit and the job was scheduled and completed without any issues.

Bowing Basement Wall Reinforced with Carbon Fiber in Minneapolis, MN

Homeowner from Minneapolis, MN, contacted TEAM Innovative regarding a basement foundation wall that was bowing fairly significantly.  Certified Field Inspector, Chad Neegard, visited the home and inspected the foundation.  Chad offered a few options for stabilization, ultimately deciding together on Carbon Fiber; innovative product development undertaken by aerospace engineers and the U.S. Dept. of Defense is now being applied to the age-old problem of cracked and bowing foundation walls. The Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System, utilizes the same technology used to support bridges, skyscrapers and bomb shelters to stabilize building foundations that have sustained damage such as cracks and bowing.

The aerospace industry has come to rely on the light but strong characteristics of carbon fiber technology, and the U.S. Dept. of Defense uses the same strapping technique to reinforce bomb shelters. With this kind of a pedigree, the Carbon Fiber System allows homeowners to stabilize bowing foundations quickly and affordably and this homeowner was happy and grateful for that!

Concrete Leveling on Jewel Lane North in Maple Grove, MN

What do you do when you have a beautiful home you've invested in - and after a few years your concrete settles and you lose curb appeall?

After searching online for concrete lifting, this homeowner from Maple Grove, MN, contacted TEAM Innovative to inquire on lifting his driveway slab and back patio slab.  Certified Field Inspector, Jeremy Olson, met with the homeowner, did a complete inspection of the problem areas and began working up an estimate for PolyRenewal foam injection to lift his concrete back to original position.   The homeowner was impressed with the information he gained through visiting with Jeremy and scheduled the job.  Since completion - the homeowner is very happy with the results and even offered to be a referral source for any potential PolyRenewal customers. Another happy homeowner in Maple Grove!

PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

After having a structural engineer come out to assess his sinking slab, homeowner from Eden Prairie, MN, reached out to the TEAM at Innovative for a second opinion.  Certified Field Inspector, Dustin Sagehahl, met with the homeowners, did an inspection and provided them with his expert recommendation for PolyRenewal foam injection with a little joint sealant.  The homeowner wanted to move forward with this recommendation - and we got the job on the books!   The job was just completed two weeks ago (June 15, 2017) and we are happy to report the lift achieved was very nice!

If you have sunken slab - call us today!  We can fix that!

Basement Waterproofing Allows Playroom Remodel in Maple Grove, MN

Homeowners in Maple Grove, MN, contacted Innovative Basement Authority about waterproofing their home.  We were the third company they had contacted.  Certified Field Inspector, Dan Supan, visited the home and inspected the basement.  In visiting with the homeowners, it was discovered  that they were planning on remodeling to include a playroom for their son.   Dan immediately recommended a BasementGutter drainage system, a SafeDri Triple sump pump and CrawlSeal vapor barrier to the walls.  The homeowners were impressed with Dan and the solutions he recommended and the job was scheduled and completed without any radon mitigation needed!

Another happy, dry & healthy home in Maple Grove, Minnesota!


No More Stubbed Toes in Rogers, Minnesota!

Homeowner from Rogers, MN, contacted the TEAM at Innovative about his concrete slab on his four-season porch that had settled, creating a trip hazard!  Certified Field Inspector, Billy Obert, visited the homeowner and inspected his problem areas.  Billy knew PolyRenewal would be the solution - so he educated the homeowner on the product, went over the injection process, warranty information as well as the estimate for the work.  The homeowner was in agreement with the plan for leveling his concrete and the job was scheduled and completed with great results!  No more stubbing toes getting in or out of the hot tub!

Basement Water Problems Solved in Minneapolis, MN

Self-declared house flippers from Minneapolis, MN, called upon the expertise of Innovative Basement Authority after they re-poured the concrete in the basement, installed drain tile and started roughing in the walls on their current flip - only to find out they still had water coming in.  Certified Field Inspector, Dan Supan, met with the brother/sister duo at the property and made his expert recommendations for installation of a BasementGutter drainage system to the perimeter, as well as a SafeDri Triple sump pump.   Dan went over warranty information with them, how the warranty would transfer with the sale of the home and also explained the estimate pricing to complete the waterproofing job.  Both the brother and sister were on board with the plan of attack and the job was expedited per their request.

We have to admit we get a LOT of calls from sellers, potential buyers as well as realtors.  We love what we do and we love when you call on us.  Send a referral our way and we'll send you a $50 Amazon gift card!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Minnetonka, MN

After receiving the home as a gift from his parents, homeowner from Minnetonka, MN, wanted to attempt to get a grant from the city for home improvements, including an energy audit.  He also mentioned his wife had allergies.   Before meeting with the experts at Innovative Basement Authority, he never considered the problems could be coming from his dirt crawlspace.  After meeting with Certified Field Inspector, Eric Rysdam, crawlspace encapsulation with drainage matting and CrawlSeal vapor barrier was recommended and installed.  Another happy homeowner in Minnetonka, MN!

Commercial Foundation Stabilized in Minneapolis, MN

After searching on for foundation repair, Kale Construction of Minneapolis, MN, reached out to the experts at Innovative Basement Authority regarding foundation walls that were bowing and buckling.  Foundation expert, Keith Hansen, visited the business and met with Brian E. to inspect the basement and consult with him on a solution.

Keith recommended Wall Anchors and Carbon Fiber to Brian; going over the products, install processes, warranties and costs.   Brian approved of the plan and the job was scheduled and completed as planned.

Another foundation stabilized in Minneapolis, MN!

Beautiful Egress Install in St. Louis Park, MN

After visiting our exhibit at the West Metro Home & Remodeling Fair, homeowners from Saint Louis Park, MN, took advantage of our free estimate offering and scheduled theirs for new egress windows.  Certified Field Inspector, Dan Smith, met with the homeowners and inspected both of the windows they were looking to replace, inside and out.

Dan recommended the Egress Surround with Minnkota windows.  He went over the installation process, warranty information as well as costs involved.  The homeowners were on board and the job was completed without any hiccups!

Homeowners will never regret replacement of their egress windows and surrounds - the energy savings along with the natural light are huge, plus they are aesthetically pleasing!  Click HERE to schedule your free estimate today!

IntelliBrace Wall Repair System Stabilizes Foundation in Hallock, MN

After researching companies online, homeowner from Hallock, MN, contacted Innovative Basement Authority with a multitude of problems she wanted to address.  Certified Field Inspector, Braden Bach, met with the homeowner and her son.  Onsite inspection revealed several areas of concern - which the homeowner and son were already aware of.  After consultation, it was decided that IntelliBrace foundation wall repair would be the first item to tackle.  The IntelliBrace project was scheduled and installed without problems.

Future plans include crawlspace encapsulation with IntelliJacks and egress window replacement.

We look forward to working with this homeowner through completion of remaining recommendations!

Foundation Stabilized in Eden Prairie, MN

Homeowner, Tom T., from Eden Prairie, MN, contacted TEAM Innovative to explore options for his bowing walls and damp basement.  Certified Field Inspector, Nate Wendorf, visited Tom and inspected his basement.  Nate made recommendations for IntelliBraces (an adjustable steel I-beam system with two important benefits: stabilizing bowed or tilting walls, and (over time) forcing bowed or tilting wall sections back to their original position.) along with CrawlSeal vapor barrier.   The homeowner was impressed with the plan and signed off on the estimate and contract.

Another foundation stabilized in Eden Prairie, MN!   Call us for your free estimate today!

Foundation Stabilized in Minnetonka, MN

Homeowners, Mike & Irene, from Minnetonka, MN, noticed their home foundation was settling.  They had several contractors provide estimates and even had their own engineer they consulted with.

After receiving our advertisment in Valpak, they reached out to TEAM Innovative for an estimate.  Certified Field Inspector, Eric Rysdam, met with the Mike & Irene and inspected the home - inside and out.  Eric made recommendations for stabilization with Intellijacks and helical piers,  and the homeowners finally felt comfortable and confident moving forward with stabilization.

While the job was big one and we had to deal with rain and mud - it was a success and the homeowners no longer need to worry about the integrity of their home.

Another foundation stabilized in Minnetonka, MN!

Basement Waterproofing in Loretto, MN

After seeing our ad on television, Greg B. of Loretto, MN, made the call to TEAM Innovative for basement waterproofing.  As an experienced waterproofing company, Innovative Basement Authority helps homeowners solve their basement problems fast. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and have been recognized by the BBB for our service and craftsmanship.

Certified Field Inspector, Bob Joyce met with Greg and performed an inspection of the basement and foundation.  Bob provided Greg a comprehensive estimate, went over warranty information as well as what to expect during installation.

After installation of a BasementGutter drainage system, a SafeDri Triple sump pump and CrawlSeal moisture barrier, his basement is completely waterproof!  A healthy, dry environment.

If you have a wet basement - we can fix it!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Excelsior, MN

After visiting our booth at the Minnesota Sportman's Show, homeowner from Excelsior, MN, scheduled his free estimate for crawlspace encapsulation.  The crawlspace was at lake level and had moisture issues.  Your home is a system, and every part of that system plays a role that affects the rest of the structure. If your crawl space begins to rot, grow mold, or experience structural problems, this will extend to every part of your home.

Certified Field Inspector, Chad Neegard, inspected the space and recommended encapsulation with CrawlSeal drainage matting, CrawlSeal moisture barrier and stabilization with IntelliJacks.

Since installation the home has been much more comfortable and has stayed nice and dry!

Basement Waterproofing in Wayzata, MN

Joan B. from Wayzata, MN, called TEAM Innovative after noticing water in her basement.  Certified Field Inspector, Greg Grant, met with Joan and inspected the foundation and basement thoroughly.

We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and have been recognized by the BBB.  We are well-known for our engineered waterproofing products, custom designed to work well in any home.

Waterproofing with our BasementGutter drainage system and SafeDri Triple sump pump was all that was recommended to keep her basement nice and dry.

Since installation, there have been no further water issues.  Another DRY basement in Wayzata, MN!   If you are experiencing water in your basement, call us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Egress Update in Maple Grove, MN

After visiting our booth at the Home Improvement & Design Expo in Maple Grove, MN - Kellie S. made the decision to sign up for a free estimate on egress replacement.  Certified Field Inspector, Eric Rysdam, met with Kellie and inspected her current egress windows & surround.

Eric made recommendations for window replacement as well as an egress surround; and after receiving all of her estimates, Kellie called Eric back to pay her deposit and get the job scheduled.

Upgrading your egress to code is probably one of the biggest aesthetic and energy efficient moves one can make to their home.  If you are interested in replacing your egress OR adding an egress, call us for TEAM Innovative today!

Five, New, Egress Window Surrounds in MPLS, MN

Anni S. made the call to Innovative Basement Authority after searching online for a contractor to replace her currrent five, rusty egress surrounds.  After meeting with our specialist and learning about our incredible egress surrounds; which are a one-piece, rigid construction that will not collapse from backfill or allow water to leak through. They're UV stable, rust and rot proof and stand up to extreme temperatures - she was sold.  All five done at a reasonable price to boot.

If you have old egress windows and/or surrounds - call us for your free estimate.



Wall Anchors to the Rescue in Kindred, ND

Mike K. from Kindred, ND made the call to foundation experts at Innovative Basement Authority when he noticed his basement wall was bowing inward. After meeting with one of our specialists, it was recommended to permanently stabilize the wall using wall anchors. 

Our wall anchor installations are designed to install quickly and with minimal disruption to your home and landscaping. Many repairs can be finished in a single day. Wall anchor systems are installed by one of our in-house crews of foundation contractors. Upon the completion of our installation, your foundation walls' inward movement should be immediately and permanently repaired.

If you're experiencing structural problems of any kind with your foundation walls, we're the contractors for you. Call 320-515-2200 today.



SafeDri Triple Sump Pump & Dehumidifier Install in St. Bonifacius, MN

After searching on for a trusted contractor, Jan & Ivan A. contacted Innovative Basement Authority. They had gutted their basement and were ready to finish it off, but wanted a new sump pump with battery back up prior to doing the finishing work.

Innovative installed a SafeDri Triple sump pump with a Dehumidifier self-draining dehumidifier for Jane & Ivan and they were all set!  Happy customers in St. Bonifacius, MN!

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Localized moisture on floor joists between Kitchen and Basement
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in Edina
I'm advising a widowed friend who wants to install a small 5x12 deck. She's looking for information about the cost of footings. Depending on whether we build this as a freestanding deck or an attached deck, the number of footings will be either 6, or 3. I consider the helical piers an attractive option because of the low impact on existing landscaping. We would like to get a rough idea of costs.
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Hi! I have a wall in my basement that is wet and I would like to have it repaired asap. Please let me know what you need from me to get the process started. Thanks, Charlotte
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in Plymouth
We had water in our basement and are looking for a quote on what it would take to prevent this from happening again in the future.
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John & Karen
Plymouth, MN 55441
Any and all questions were well-answered. Every worker was respectful and courteous.
Hennepin County, MN Customer Testimonial
Karen J. in Brooklyn Park, MN
Our crawl space can now be used for extra storage and I don't have to worry about them getting ruined.
Hennepin County, MN Customer Testimonial
Paul D. in Minneapolis, MN
The production team did an amazing job of installing PolyRenewal for my sidewalk. It's great to not have to worry anymore about friends, family, & neighbors tripping as they're walking up to my door. Innovative did the best job!
Hennepin County, MN Customer Review
Minneapolis, MN 55412
Very happy with end result – walls are bright & clean!
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Minneapolis, MN 55412
Ryan ran the job great and completed ahead of schedule!
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Minneapolis, MN 55406
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Brian & Cynthia
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Scheduling took a long time, we were concerned it wouldn’t happen.
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Saint Paul, MN 55116
I just bought a home and i need a quote on the sinking driveway and sidewalk.
Looking to add 31' of drain tile before I finish my basement
Had water issues, drain tiles installed but basement still smells musty, and walls tested for moisture still. Need remediation but also a solution to divert water from house, potentially including raising cement block in the rear part of the house.
I am wondering about the effectiveness of your peirs for a deck installation.
Cracked blocked walls.
Hennepin County, MN Customer Review
Adam & Hollie
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Hi Dan, Thanks for taking such good care of us regarding our new basement tile installation today! Emmett and his team did a great job, were very clean and respectful of our home, and very friendly! We couldn’t be more pleased at our decision to work with you on this project. Thanks for everything! All the best, Adam & Hollie Streater
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Plymouth, MN 55447
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Dustin, Kelly, Matt & Jamie were AWESOME!  Thank you ALL!
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Minneapolis, MN 55441
Hennepin County, MN Customer Review
Plymouth, MN 55441
Hennepin County, MN Customer Review
Plymouth, MN 55441
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Crystal, MN 55428
I’m so pleased with Innovative Basement Authority! Everything went seamless & all personnel were wonderful. I’ll definitely use Innovative for any future basement needs. Thank you so much!!!
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Fred & Liz
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Hamel, MN 55340
Excellent work by Emmit & crew, very professional.
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Maple Grove, MN 55369
Eric (Wicktor) did a great job! He should get a honey baked ham as a Christmas bonus!
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Long Lake, MN 55356
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Thank you! We were very impressed with the level of professionalism & personable nature of all staff ad clean up.
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Minneapolis, MN 55412
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Mike & Terry
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Ruben, Glenn and Andy did a great job.  They were friendly, quick and efficient.  Any questions I had were answered courteously and completely.
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Dan Widenstrom was the crew foreman. Everyone involved was nice to work with. I would like to know what kind of guarantee I get with the LumaBright panels. I want to be able to tell future buyers of the home something.

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