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New Homeowner’s Fall Checklist

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It’s an exciting time of year when school is starting back up, the weather is beginning to cool and the trees will soon begin to change colors. As exciting as it might be, it’s also a very busy time of year. Your “to do” list becomes nearly a mile long and you don’t have a lot of time to complete the list. With this in mind, I want to share a few friendly reminders with you for the fall season coming.

  • Schedule your maintenance checks early: waterproofing systems, radon mitigation systems, and IntelliBrace systems 
  • Plan any home improvements that cannot be done over the colder months; for example: concrete lifting
  • Eliminate cool drafts: Innovative can professionally inspect your home and seal where cool drafts are coming from
  • Winterize outdoor facets and plumbing: and drain/store garden hoses
  • Clean those gutters: after the leaves are done falling for this autumn season, make sure to avoid ice damming in the winter by removing debris from your home’s gutters.
  • Don’t forget the roof: before we get inches of snow this winter, make sure your roof is in good condition. You don’t want to deal with the hefty repairs a leaky roof can bring.
  • Save your basement: double check the soil around your home’s foundation. If the soil is sloping downward towards the foundation, you could be dealing with a flooded basement come spring. Make sure the soil is sloping away from your home!
  • Double check your foundation: do a walk around the exterior and interior of your foundation walls. Look for any cracks or bowing in the walls. If you notice any damage, contact us as soon as possible before the ground begins to freeze!

Although your fall cleaning list is probably two miles long now, you’ll be happy you went though and added these to your checklist. Being a new homeowner is great; knowing your home is in good-working condition is better!

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