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Managing Your Turf During Hot and Dry Weather

An unhealthy lawn can damage the integrity of your foundation, basement, or crawl space. Here are some vital tips to keep your yard green and healthy in dry weather.

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Your lawn’s health is crucial to maintaining a strong foundation. Unfortunately, the hot and dry weather in Fargo, ND, can quickly leave your turf in distress. When the temperatures go up and the dry winds sweep by, the grasses in your yard naturally go into dormancy. They use this survival mode to protect themselves from the searing heat and drought. 

During this period, the grass loses its green color and halts its growth to conserve water and nutrients. Being able to identify dormant turf from a dead one is crucial to maintaining a healthy yard. 

Is Your Turf Dead or Dormant? 

You can tell the difference between dead and dormant lawns by inspecting the turf’s crown, found at the leaves’ base. Typically, the crown sits above the soil line, where the shoot and root sections of the grass meet. If the crown’s color is white or slightly off white, the turf is in dormancy. If, however, the crown is brown and brittle, it is most likely dead. 

How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn During a Drought 

While you cannot prevent a drought, there are some measures you can take to minimize lawn damage during dry weather. 

Preparing Your Lawn for Drought 

  • Audit your soil. Find out what kind of soil your home is built on before committing to particular lawn care solutions. Knowing the type of soil you are dealing with enables you to understand what to expect during a drought. For instance, although most clay soils can protect your home and lawn from excessive rain, they respond poorly to summer droughts
  • Install a sprinkler system. Turf roots need moisture to remain healthy, ensure a good spring wake-up, and endure hot summers. For best results, install a home irrigation system to water your lawn and dampen the soil around the edge of your home. This will help protect your foundation from drying and the ground beneath it from shifting as the weather dries out. 
  • Plant weather-resistant grass and hedges. Your lawn does more to preserve the integrity of your home than you might think. Invest in weather-resistant plants early on so they may develop comprehensive root systems that can withstand Fargo’s variable weather. 

Taking Care of Your Yard During Dry Weather 

  • Maintain the highest mowing height possible. Mowing your lawn during the drought does not help your turf. The taller your grass is, the deeper its roots will go, making them more likely to find moisture. A good rule of thumb is to cut only one-third of the top grass stalk. This doesn’t cause undue stress to the lawn during dry weather. 
  • Watch the weather. Your lawn care response depends majorly on the weather. So, if it looks like it’s going to rain, turn off your sprinkler system. If you think you have a drought coming, spread mulch throughout your yard and have watering cans nearby. 

How to Revive Your Lawn After a Drought 

Taking proper care of your lawn during a drought provides you with lush grass once the rains return and the temperatures subside. Here are some critical tips to help you revive your yard once the dry weather passes. 

  • Inspect your lawn for damage. Examine your yard to determine the hardest-hit areas. The information you gather will enable you to establish a better drought plan in the future. 
  • Disperse compost and fertilizer. While it might be tempting to douse your lawn with compost and fertilizer, you must use these resources sparingly if you want to see the best results. Spread your compost and fertilizer sparingly throughout your yard, making sure not to overwhelm the most vulnerable spots. 
  • Preserve moisture. Other than killing your grass, exceedingly dry soil can harm your foundation by causing shifting. Mulch acts like a sponge and absorbs excess water and retains it for times of excess heat. 
  • Continue using your sprinkler system. You must keep the soil near the perimeter of your home damp if you want it to stay healthy. Therefore, you should ensure your sprinkler system stays on even as the weather conditions change. Watering your lawn thoroughly and deeply encourages the development of healthy root growth. 

A well-maintained lawn does more than provide aesthetic value to your home. It protects and prolongs the lifespan of your foundation. If you need expert advice or help, contact Innovative Basement Authority. We’ll provide you with a free foundation inspection and repair quote along with recommendations to preserve your foundation.

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