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Here’s How To Protect Your Home From Natural Weather Events

Basement waterproofing, annual home maintenance, and crawl space insulation can help minimize home repair costs due to weather and lower heating bills.

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As a homeowner in the northern United States, you are probably familiar with changing weather conditions that can impact your home and cause major repair costs. While some of the effects of natural weather events on your Fargo, ND, or Minneapolis or St. Cloud, MN, home may be out of your hands, others can be minimized if you prepare in advance. That’s why we’ve created a checklist of home maintenance tips to help you protect your home from damaging weather conditions this year. From snow and ice to humid summer days and damaging rainstorms, here’s how to prepare your home in advance to reduce the effects of natural weather events this year.  

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Insulate Your Basement or Crawl Space to Lower Heating Bills

Would you like to lower your monthly electric bills this year? Insulating your home’s basement or crawl space can help reduce energy costs in the summer heat and cold winter months. Adding insulation to your basement or crawl space can also help protect your home against water damage due to frozen or burst pipes during a hard freeze. In addition, installing an energy-efficient gas-powered furnace and a smart thermostat that you can set to lower temperatures at night and when you are away from the home will help lower bills.

Avoid Effects of Summer Humidity

In addition to lowering your bills, updating the insulation in your basement or throughout your crawl space also helps minimize the effects of humid summer months, which can cause mold, mildew, and pest activity in your home. How does humidity affect your home? Moisture can enter the basement or crawl space directly through the home’s concrete foundation and even its walls, with water seeping inside from the damp soil around the home. In homes with a damaged or cracked foundation, the amount of water seepage will increase during the summer months.

When adding insulation to protect your home against water leaks and the moisture that can build up during some months, this should include fixing foundation cracks first. Once your foundation is healthy, adding caulking around doors and windows can also improve insulation and reduce water buildup underground. Finally, installing a dehumidifier will help reduce the effects of humidity even more, keeping your home free of mold and mildew, and making your crawl space a less hospitable environment for pests.

Protect Your Foundation From Drought Conditions

Did you know dry soil conditions can damage your home’s foundation? During a drought or long period of dry weather, the soil levels underneath a home can actually shrink, causing foundation damage. In addition, dry soil conditions can also increase the effects of natural settlement on a home, including allowing gas and pressure to build up and impact the foundation.

To reduce the effects of dry soil conditions on your home, water your lawn regularly. Don’t overwater, however; that can cause foundation problems too. Ensure exterior drainage around the home is working well before watering lawns during dry conditions. Installing a smart irrigation system will also help you get the right amount of moisture throughout your yard each season of the year.

While you’re working in your yard, regular landscaping and maintenance help reduce storm damages. Removing dead limbs and diseased trees, clearing gutters, and trimming trees when needed each year are good annual preparations against storm damage from high winds.

Improve Basement or Crawl Space Waterproofing Today

Protecting a home’s basement or crawl space against water damage from storms, flooding, and other natural weather phenomena is essential throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. From snowmelt to damaging rainstorms, water can cause costly home repairs if you’re not prepared.

To protect your home against water damage from spring storms, improve waterproofing in the basement or crawl space. Waterproofing your basement or crawl space can include installing an interior draining system and adding a sump pump that is connected to a backup battery. Don’t wait until the first big storm of the season to waterproof your home.

The experts at Innovative Basement Authority can help you prepare your Fargo, Minneapolis, or St. Cloud home to reduce the effects of natural weather events this year. For a free inspection and repair quote, as well as more information on waterproofing and insulation tips, please contact our team today.

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