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6 Reasons to Carry Out Foundation Repairs in Summer

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foundation repair during the summer

You have walked around your home and you’ve started noticing cracks, crumbling, or moisture around your foundation. Like many people, you’re probably asking yourself: Should I call a local contractor or wait and see? What if the situation goes from bad to worse?

Timing is essential for Fargo, ND, foundation repairs. On one hand, you want to be sure of the source of the foundation problems but also want to know whether treatments will work. Contractors need to have conditions that are favorable for their work too.

Let’s look at what foundation repairs look like in different seasons and why summer is the ideal time to undertake all the serious repairs.

Winter or Fall?

Winter months are typically cold and snowy. The ground stays frozen from December to February. While the foundation is stable, the cold and frozen earth makes foundation inspections tricky and repairs difficult. Some people argue that damage isn’t worsening and it’s possible to reduce the cost of repairs.

However, they forget installing helical piers and exterior waterproofing is next to impossible in the winter. Some contractors may even be hesitant to take on a foundation repair job, as they won’t guarantee you lasting repairs.

Thinking of Spring?

Winter isn’t the ideal time to carry out foundation repairs. So, is spring the answer? Again, no. Spring rains from April through June tend to trigger new cracks and make existing ones weep. Any crack needs to be monitored weekly. Damage due to foundation problems becomes obvious and people discover problems when assessing damage.

Why Carry Out Repairs in Summer?

Summer in Fargo, ND, presents homeowners with the perfect opportunity to carry out foundation repairs.

Favorable conditions: Temperatures are ambient in summer and precipitation amounts are lower. Contractors can work fast and stay on-site for longer hours.

Easier inspections: Natural light and loose soils mean the home inspector or contractor can carry out inspections fast. This way, they can make conclusive findings and solid recommendations as they understand the nature or intensity of the foundation problem.

Easier excavations: Most foundation repairs entail some form of excavation. Frozen soils in winter months and the soggy ground makes excavation work tricky. You may find solutions like foundation piers or even crack repairs take longer to implement. In summer, the soils are loose and easy to dig.

Effective treatments: Higher temperatures mean foundation repair solutions and basement waterproofing beds in quickly. There’s less water to infiltrate and reopen cracks. Concrete slabs also tend to cure and dry properly in the warm summer weather.

Extended daylight: Summer days are typically hot and bright. Little to no cloud cover means maximum light penetrates your home. Contractors can work faster and more efficiently than in fall or winter.

Easy to find contractors: Most contractors take less work in winter and are booked fully in fall. If you get a contractor in summer, you may get a discount and fast repairs.

Foundation Repair Checklist for Summer

When going around your home, keep these in mind during your checks:

  • Look out for cracks in the concrete slab, brick, and fascia boards.
  • Check the condition of your beams, joists, and piers.
  • Look for cracks in your walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Checked paved surfaces for depressions that could hold water.
  • Ensure soil and driveways are graded away from your home.
  • Check that gutters are clog-free, and downspouts point away from your home.
  • Inspect the roof to ensure it has no holes.
  • Look for signs of water leaks or damage along the floor and basement walls.

Summer is the best time to have repairs. However, some problems can’t wait until then. Foundations sitting on expanding and contracting soils need urgent intervention. Otherwise, cracks may grow worse and damage your home. It’s best to seek help immediately.

Need urgent help? Get in touch with the experts at Innovative Basement Authority for a free basement inspection and repair quote. We provide thorough inspections and recommend effective foundation repair solutions with long-term warranties.

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