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Foundation Repair: Determining The Cost Of Repair

Foundation repair costs vary depending on the severity and cause of the damage. Innovative Basement Authority will provide a free quote for foundation repair solutions.

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Repairing damage to a foundation isn’t a ‘rinse and repeat’ kind of job. Every foundation is different, with its own environment and pressures. Depending on the type and extent of damage in a foundation, the solutions can vary greatly in price. The reason for this is that depending on what issue is diagnosed, different solutions, equipment, materials, and labor will be needed. 

Determining what all of this will mean in relation to an invoice isn’t easily done without having an expert inspect the damage. At Innovative Basement Authority, we take pride in providing a complete quote at no cost to you. During this stage, we will plainly lay out each aspect of your custom repair solution and the direct costs involved. 

As an example to show how much quotes can vary between jobs, consider two foundations that both require steel foundation piers to reverse and prevent foundation settlement. Costs will vary depending on the number of piers required and how deep the piers need to be installed to hit bedrock. Other factors, such as any excavation work needed, also need to be considered. 

Foundation Repair Is an Investment in Safety 

Depending on the type and extent of the damage to your foundation, it can be costly to have it repaired. An important way to mentally frame this cost, though, is an investment in your family’s safety and comfort. 

Maintaining a stable and damage-free foundation is critical to keeping a safe home. Innovative Basement Authority aims to provide cost-effective solutions.

Signs Your Foundation Needs Repairing 

There are several signs that your foundation is failing you and needs repair work done. Depending on the age of your foundation, the composition of the earth, and the type of foundation, you may see one or more of the following problem signs.

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  • Cracks 

Homes with concrete slab foundations will see hairline cracks form in the slab as it fully cures in the months following construction. These one to two-millimeter-wide cracks are very common and not a concern. Cracks that continue to grow to ¼ inch or more in width are those that need to be observed. 

These cracks can develop in the foundation itself, but also the walls, floors, and ceilings of the home. Homes with brick walls may see cracks develop throughout the grout and bricks. 

Cracks are a sign that the foundation is shifting or is struggling to combat the pressure applied by the surrounding earth. 

  • Foundation Sinking or Settling 

It is expected that a foundation will experience a small degree of settling after construction. Experienced builders will accommodate for this in a number of ways, although changing soil composition, moisture content variations, and weather events can negate these efforts. 

Houses that settle more than an inch are an issue. As a house settles, it may do so unevenly, causing the whole structure to settle. Finding single, large cracks in the walls and floor is a sign that the structure is settling. One way to test if your house is settling it to use a simple level tool. 

  • Sticking Windows and Doors 

When doors and windows begin to stick or not shut properly, it is an indicator that the foundation is shifting and warping the frames. These structures can easily be affected by even a slight tilt in the foundation. 

Alone and without any other signs in this list, window and door issues aren’t a strong indicator of foundation damage. Other explanations include high humidity levels or water causing the wooden frames to swell. 

  • Sagging Floors 

 Soil composition can change drastically, even over only a few square feet. This can cause some of the home’s supports to sink more than others as the soil settles. The same can be said if the moisture content of the soil changes due to dry or wet weather. 

What this results in is sagging or bouncy floors, which can be quite the trip hazard for the young, disabled, and elderly. 

  • Foundation Heaving 

Foundation settling isn’t always caused by part of the structure sinking. A heaved foundation is when part of the foundation is actually lifted by expanding soil—typically, that with a high clay content. Commonly, heaving impacts the perimeter of the home, although not always.

Why Should I Fix My Foundation? 

The thought of “why bother” may enter your mind as you consider your options for foundation repair. The thing is, there are several good reasons why you should not only have your foundation repaired, but have it done soon. 

  • The Damage Will Only Grow 

Problems in the foundation will only continue to get worse as time goes on. House foundations have to deal with immense pressure from above and below. These pressures will force damage, like cracks and leaking, to grow. 

What else is that the longer the damage is left alone, the more it will cost to repair. 

  • Resale Value 

What you spend on repairing your foundation will eventually end up back in your pocket if you intend to sell or sublet the home. In fact, ensuring that the foundation is in tip-top shape will actually increase the home’s value. Not doing so will lower the value and potentially deter buyers. 

Imagine you were looking to buy a new home. During the inspection, if you were to discover a structural defect with the foundation, it would be quite off-putting. Remember that the foundation is the supporting structure of the house. Any major damage to this area is a sign of future problems. 

  • Aesthetics 

Foundation problems can cause visual defects to appear not only in the concrete slab itself, but the basement walls and home above. Cracks are one of the most common defects that spread when the foundation is damaged. These cracks can appear in the walls and floors, wall-ceiling/wall-floor joints, windows, and ceilings. 

In bad cases, the whole house may sink and tilt to one side. All these issues can be uncomfortable to residents and negatively impact resale value. 

  • Ill-Fitting Window and Door Frames 

As a foundation loses integrity or sinks, it will affect the rest of the house. This is because the walls shift with the foundation. A clear sign of a failing foundation is when windows and doors begin to stick or jam. Not only can this cause problems for small children or elderly residents, but it’s also an annoyance to all. 

Note that in wooden frames jamming can also be a sign that the wood is swelling with water. An Innovative Basement Authority expert will be able to tell what is causing the windows and doors to stick. 

  • Basement Leaking 

Cracks in the foundation or weakening wall-floor joints allow water to seep up into the basement. Finding damp spots or puddles of water in the basement is an indicator that there is damage. These cracks will grow due to the hydrostatic pressure surrounding your home forcing even more water inside. 

Basement leaking itself leads to numerous problems, including mold and wood rot growth and spiking humidity levels. Be sure to find the source of basement leaking as soon as possible. There are multiple causes for the leaking, including faulty plumbing and cracks in the walls, alongside foundation damage. 

Basement leaking also means that any items stored in the space are at risk of water damage. 

  • Pests 

Pests are determined creatures that will get into your home by any means possible. Cracks in a foundation open one such means of entry. Repairing this damage reduces pests’ interest in your space. 

  • Hazards 

Left unattended, damage to a foundation can grow into a genuine hazard. Foundations can collapse, walls can buckle, and other small disasters can occur. Even though such a scenario is unlikely, this puts your family at risk.

Foundation Repair


There are many things that can impact a foundation and cause damage. Frustratingly, some of these can only be discovered and resolved once the foundation has already been damaged. 

  • Soil Conditions 

The soil beneath a foundation is more important to the stability of a home than many realize! Poorly compacted soil or changing soil conditions can upset a foundation’s stability. This often results in settlement issues as the weight of the home forcefully compacts the looser pockets of soil. 

Soil composition can also change over time. Seasonal impacts can cause moisture levels in the earth to change, leading to the shrinking and expansion of soil. The freeze-thaw cycle also causes soil to expand, drastically if there is a high moisture content in the soil. 

  • Plumbing and Drainage Issues 

Plumbing issues are never fun to deal with, but did you know that they can actually cause the soil under and around your foundation to shift? 

Plumbing leaks and damaged drains can often cause an excess of water to seep underground. Depending on how long this goes on, the earth can lose integrity due to the sheer amount of liquid. It can be difficult to tell that the underground plumbing is going haywire without obvious signs. 

If you suspect an underground leak, compare your water bills for the last three months. Has there been a spike in cost but not usage? Then your plumbing may have a leak.

It is always tempting to attempt repairing oddities around the home yourself. At first glance, it can appear cheaper or easier to fill in those foundation cracks yourself. However, repair jobs that lack the experience of a foundation repair expert (like those at Innovative Basement Authority) can merely disguise the problem rather than fix it. 

  • Why Experience Matters 

A critical part of foundation repair is not only identifying the damage but the cause of it. Not resolving the root cause will allow the damage to return, perhaps even worse than before. An experienced Innovative Basement Authority technician will be able to diagnose why damage is developing in the basement. They will also be able to prescribe a precise, targeted solution. 

  • Permanent Solutions 

Precise solutions from Innovative Basement Authority are permanent solutions. That means your foundation is kept healthy and secure when an Innovative Basement Authority team is responsible for fixing the damage. Our team is able to perform a wide assortment of foundation repair services. 

No foundation is the same, which is a concept that we embrace for every job. It is also a concept to keep in mind when considering the cost of foundation repair.

Understanding the Real Estate Disclosure Act 

If your goal is to sell your home, then you need to ensure any major damage or structural defects are repaired or disclosed. Here’s why: 

The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act states that any structural defects in a house must be disclosed to potential home buyers. Not doing so can have legal consequences. What this means is that you must disclose any major defects in the home to sellers, which also means that the value of your home will also be hampered. 

Real estate agents state that homes with structural defects typically sell for well under the home’s true value—meaning its value if the damage were repaired. This discount is usually a whopping 30%. 

Choose Innovative Basement Authority for A Free Inspection and Quote Today 

Innovative Basement Authority makes it our mission to create permanent solutions and remain steadfast in a lifetime of customer support post-repair job. Over our 15 years of operation, we have strived to ensure every customer is satisfied with a job’s resolution. We work to create cost-effective recommendations that resolve a problem and prevent it from returning. Get in touch today to schedule a free foundation inspection and repair quote with one of our professionals.

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