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Don’t DIY – Foundation Repair

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Something I like to do in my spare time is look for DIY projects. When looking for a new project to begin, I came across a site for DIY foundation repair. At first it didn’t faze me since you can basically do anything and everything yourself nowadays. After putting a little more thought into it, I began to realize just how unsafe DIY foundation repair could really be!

Don't DIYRecently, Innovative had a customer call to get help with their foundation. Once the foundation specialist arrived at the house, the homeowners informed him about their failed DIY attempt to fix their foundation walls. They explained how they wanted to save money and put in their own foundation repair system but now, four years later, the system has failed and they need the repairs done professionally. The homeowners repeatedly told our specialist they regret their DIY decision.

If you aren’t a foundation expert, here is some perspective: When foundation repair specialists determine repair options for a home, those recommendations are based off of many different features that are unique to every home. Not every damaged foundation is repaired the same way. Repair options are determined with consideration to foundation types, severity of damage, interior and exterior obstacles, and more.

Foundation damage is no joke. Repairing damaged foundation doesn’t always have to be a long, expensive and extensive project. This is more likely when the symptoms are spotted early.

If you choose to take on a DIY foundation repair project, keep a few things in mind:

  • It doesn’t hurt to get a second option. Innovative offers free estimates for foundation repair. Schedule yours today.
  •  Determine if your DIY solution is permanent and effective.
  •  Find products/systems that have warranties.

If you later decide to hand off the project to the professionals, don’t worry, you won’t regret your decision. Most foundation repair companies offer warranties. Innovative is proud to offer 25 year warranties on most of our foundation repair products. Our systems are also specifically engineered to permanently stabilize your home.

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