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4 Foundation Repair Techniques

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Foundation damage can be caused from multiple different pressures exerted on your foundation walls. It can also be caused by foundation settlement. However, once the damage is done and your foundation walls are full of cracks and other damages, what happens next? Innovative Basement Authority has multiple foundation repair products. After contact is made, we send out one of our foundation specialist to sit down with you to carefully organize a plan to stabilize your home. Although each home is different, we use these four main products to ensure a safe living environment:

1.       Wall Anchors:

Wall anchors counteract the pressure that the soil is exerting on your foundation walls. Basically, one metal plate is installed on your foundation wall and another one is placed underground in your yard. Then, there is a threaded rod that connects the two which, in many cases, can fully straighten your wall to its original position.

2.       IntelliBraces:

Wall anchors are great, except for when your property line disagrees! In such cases, we use IntelliBraces. These are steel i-beams that’ll stabilize your foundation walls. No outside installation is necessary and it’s all within the home. These IntelliBraces are excellent for stabilizing your home however, they aren’t meant to straighten your walls. These braces will stop further damage to your foundation.

3.       Foundation Piers:

We offer three main types of piers: push, helical and slab. They all create the same end result but how they are designed are slightly different. Sometimes when a house or other structure is built on soil that can’t withhold great amounts of pressure, the structure will begin to sink downward. Piers were designed to transfer the structure’s weight to more sturdy soil that can withhold a significant amount weight.

4.       IntelliJacks:

These jacks are made to support the beams of a home’s crawlspace. The IntelliJacks can be tightened over time to keep the floor beams stabilized. They can also straighten slopping floors, level out door frames and correct cracking walls.

Innovative Basement Authority also offer multiple more stabilizing products but out of them all, the few mentioned above are the most commonly used. To learn more about signs of foundation damage and your foundation repair options, call us today.

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