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Why Do You Need a Sump Pump in Your Crawl Space?

A sump pump is a good addition to your crawl space. It will keep it dry and prevent moisture from damaging it.

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A homeowner who owns a house with a crawl space should always consider the possibility of floods and water damage. Underground water can cause damage to your foundation and even impact the health of your loved ones, which is why it’s essential to keep the crawl space dry. 

The best way to make sure that the crawl space stays moist-free and that all the water is directed away from it is to install a sump pump. It will keep the crawl space dry and, together with crawl space repair and encapsulation, it will make sure that your property isn’t infiltrated by water. 

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Why Do Crawl Spaces Get Wet? 

If your crawl space often gets flooded or just damp, it is important to find the cause of the issue. Locating the source of the water problem is just as important as removing water out of your crawl space.  Pipes and drains often go through the crawl space so that they are kept hidden, but if they start to leak, they can cause a number of problems.  

Outside soil can also get saturated with water and leak into the crawl space. This often happens during heavy rains and it can be a burden to the foundation. 

Another reason why a dirt crawl space can become flooded is a faulty drainage system. If there is a leakage in the drainage system, water can collect under your home and you will notice standing water in your crawl space. 

Cracks in the foundation are one of the most serious problems a homeowner can face. A wet crawl space can be a sign that water is accumulating through the cracks in the foundation. 

All of these problems can escalate during a rainy season, as well as during the time of the year when large amounts of snow are melting. It’s important to inspect your crawl space regularly, but especially during the season when it’s most likely to get wet. 

Water Causes Serious Harm 

Water in the crawl space is more than just a nuisance. It can lead to a variety of different problems that make your home less safe and even unlivable in some cases. 

Moisture causes wood structures to rot. It also creates a suitable environment for mold and mildew and attracts parasites that could get into your carpeting, bedding, and furniture. 

Moldy and wet places attract pests and insects that thrive in such environments. They can also easily move from the crawl space to the rest of your home and spread all sorts of diseases while destroying your property along the way. 

Damp spaces are more difficult to heat up and that can be noticeable in your utility bills over time. An increased heating bill is often a sign that something might be wrong with your crawl space. 

Why is it Important to have a Sump Pump? 

For most homeowners living in areas with a lot of rainfall, such as those in Fargo, ND, the best solution for crawl space problems is to install a sump pump. It’s also a good idea to install one before you experience any water damage. 

In the long run, a sump pump will pay for itself since it will prevent you from spending a far greater sum on repairs or a place where you will stay while the contractors are fixing the damage. 

How does a Sump Pump Work? 

A sump pump is installed in the sump pit in your crawl space.  

The pump gets turned on when there’s enough water in the pit and it pumps the water out of the home through a drain that’s installed within the crawl space. It’s best if the water is drained as far away from the foundation area as possible. A yard well is also useful for collecting the water on the other end of the yard, where it can’t cause any damage. 

Maintaining the Pump 

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your sump pump will work when you need it. If your sump pump hasn’t been used in a while, try pouring a bucket of water into it. By doing this, you will simulate rainfall and the pump should turn on. 

Make sure the pipes are connected and tight and that the water is drained at least 20 feet away from the home. 

Sealing the Crawl Space 

Sump pumps are key in a waterproofing system, but it’s not the only preventive measure you can take. It’s also important that the crawl space is encapsulated so that water cannot get in and cause damage. A vapor barrier along with a sump pump will keep the area dry even in the wettest of seasons. 

Once it is in place, a thick vapor barrier such as the CrawlSeal™ should cover the walls and the floor of the crawl space. It also makes leaks easier to spot and deal with if they happen.  

A sump pump is the best way to keep your crawl space dry and your home safe. It will remove the excess water and prevent serious damage. Schedule a free inspection with Innovative Basement Authority and a professional will help you find and install the best pump for your needs. 

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