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What To Do About Typical Crawl Space Problems

You’re likely to spot specific crawl space problems in a home within the first, fifth, and tenth year. Check out what they are and how to react.

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Time is the enemy of all homeowners. No matter what you do to try and get ahead of the damage your home might face, it can sometimes feel like time and decay will always be one step ahead of you. 

The age of your crawl space, for example, can and will dictate the kinds of problems you can expect to deal with in your tenure as a homeowner. If you want to keep your crawl space – and subsequently the rest of your home – as healthy as possible, you can work with the professional contractors serving Fargo, ND, to address these issues. 

common crawl space issues

Common First-Year Problems 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all your responsibilities during your first year of homeownership. The good news is that the crawl space problems that tend to arise during this year can often be dealt with quite readily. If you let the care and keeping of your crawl space fall by the wayside, however, then you may be setting yourself up for serious structural problems later down the line. 

Mold and Wood Rot 

Mold and wood rot are not the same thing. Both forces, however, can have a significant and dangerous impact on the health of your crawl space. Mold spores enter your home courtesy of your HVAC system. If these spores have access to moisture, darkness, and warmth, then they’re likely to take root in any manner of porous material they come into contact with. All types of mold – allergic, pathogenic, and toxigenic – can cause serious respiratory problems for everyone living in an infested home. 

Wood rot, comparatively, tends only to flourish when it has access to damp and warm wood. This fungus will not spread to other porous materials. It will, however, eat away at your crawl space’s wooden supports and migrate through the rest of your home, weakening your property’s structural integrity as it goes. 


If moisture or errant wind gusts can get into your crawl space, then so can several critters. Anything from carpenter ants to squirrels can settle in an unprotected crawl space, damaging your structural supports, eating your electrical wires, and putting your home at risk for additional damage. 

Higher Electric and Water Bills 

The more moisture gets into your crawl space, the harder your HVAC system is going to have to work to get rid of it. That extra work can cost you a pretty penny when it comes time to pay your electric bill. Similarly, excess moisture can cause any pipes in your crawl space to leak, lowering the water pressure throughout your home while raising your water bill. 

Common Fifth-Year Problems 

The damage you see in your crawl space during your fifth year as a homeowner will vary. If you took steps to protect your crawl space early on, then the problems you run into at this point may be similar to those you’d otherwise deal with during your first year of homeownership. If you let early damage go untreated, however, the problems you deal with during your fifth year in a home may be more serious. These can include: 

Insulation Damage 

The insulation in your crawl space does more than keep the space warm. It also creates a physical barrier between your crawl space and any moisture that would make its way inside. Damaged insulation can rapidly transform into a hub for mold and critters. If you want to prevent future infestations, then you’ll want to make sure that you have a professional inspect your crawl space’s insulation on the regular basis. 


Water seepage and high levels of humidity in your crawl space are one thing. Flooding is another. If you find yourself having to remove buckets of water from your crawl space, then you may be staring down the kind of damage that can disrupt the stability of your entire home should it go unchecked. 

Common Tenth-Year Problems 

Come the tenth year you’ve spent in the same home, you may feel as though you’ve developed a fairly comprehensive understanding of your crawl space’s general condition. There are still some problems that can pop up at this stage, however, that might take you by surprise. 

Structural Damage 

The longer you leave your crawl space unprotected, the greater the impact damage therein can have on the rest of your home. For example, if you leave flooding unattended, that water damage can spread until it impacts the structural integrity of your foundation. Before you know it, you may be contending not only with significant damage in your crawl space – often in the form of rotting or bending wooden supports – but you may need to make serious repairs to your foundation, as well. 

Crawl Space Repair in Fargo, ND 

Have you spotted signs of damage in your crawl space? Don’t let it get out of control. If you want to patch up any crawl space damage, or even if you just wanted to get ahead of any damage your space may fall victim to, the professionals in Fargo, ND, can help. After an initial consultation with area experts from Innovative Basement Authority, you can look over a free quote and determine which of the services available to you might suit your home’s needs best. 

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