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Lake Home Crawl Space Do’s and Don’ts

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Dirt Crawl Space

You know that dark, damp and gross area under your home? That’s your home’s crawl space. Most lake home owners choose not to hang out down there due to it being an unfinished space of your home. In many cases there’s even exposed soil as the “floor.” Even if you have concrete flooring, you’re not out of trouble yet. You might decide to ignore that spot of the house, however, the longer it’s ignored the more damage it’s doing to your home. Luckily, you don’t have to panic because I’m here to share some do’s and don’ts to achieve a healthy home crawl space and essentially a healthy lake home.

Don’t: Vent your crawl space!

Crawl space’s air is cool year round. When hot air (summer) or cooler air (winter) enters the crawl space it creates a change in relative humidity, which then, causes condensation. That moisture under your home is causing mold to grow and wood to rot.

Do: Close up those vents!

Innovative Basement Authority offers vent covers that seal up your crawl space vents permanently from the outside to keep out that unwanted air.

Don’t: Keep the Dirt Floor

Not only can a dirt floor in your crawl space cause mold and fungi growth and rotting, it can also cause a large bill for repairs. The wood holding your lake home up is literally rotting beneath you and unfortunately, new framing will have to be put in and then replaced again over time. The reason being, is that the actual problem isn’t being fixed when replacing the framework of your home. The real problem is the dirt or in some cases, the concrete floor.

Do: Install a CrawlSeal®

CrawlSeal Crawl Space Encapsulation is the answer you’ve been waiting for. The installment works in four different steps.


Step #1: Fixing any water leakage. With a clear presence of groundwater near your home, it is crucial to limit the risks of that water entering your lake home. This means your home will be gaining a sump pump.

Step #2: Isolating your home from the earth. You might consider pouring concrete as the floor for your crawl Space. Although this will last, it won’t allow the water from the walls or floor to drain into the sump pump. So, you may want to consider a thick plastic liner called CrawlSeal. This is a product we offer that is flexible and tear and puncture resistant. Its material structure is made up to prevent mold growth. In a damp environment like a lake front, it is extremely important to prevent mold growth.

Step #3: Seal up the vents and other air sources. The vent covers are very important to a healthy crawl space, but extra caulking must be done as well.

Step #4: Dehumidify, dehumidify, dehumidify. Keeping your crawl space’s air dry is very important. Innovative Basement Authority have some of the best dehumidifying systems out there. The dehumidifiers we offer drain directly to the sump pump. This means no hassle for you and no worries about how high the groundwater level gets.

Don’t: Wait any longer

Fixing your lake home’s crawl space is an investment you can’t afford not to make. The cost for the installation of a CrawlSeal cost less than home repairs that will need to happen numerous times throughout your home’s lifespan. One and done sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Do: Call Innovative Basement Authority.

Minnesota lake homes are truly tranquil. We have experts ready to help you invest in a safe and healthy home. Protect your lake home investment and contact us today.

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