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7 Major Reasons to Waterproof Your Crawl Space in St. Cloud, MN

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waterproof a crawl space

For some homeowners, waterproofing the crawl space may seem optional until problems start popping up. We’re not scaremongering homeowners in St. Cloud, MN. Your exposed crawl space can turn your once comfy home into a cold, dreary place, teeming with pests and insects. In short, it’s going to be unlivable. Why wait till moisture becomes a problem when you can combat it effectively using waterproofing solutions?

Here are several ways waterproofing your crawl space will benefit you, your family, and your home:

1) Keep Your Belongings Dry

As long as the crawl space remains open and exposed, you won’t stop moisture or water from dampening your belongings. You can expect surface water and condensation to cause your stuff to get wet. When this happens, they can start developing mildew or mold. Sealing the crawl space will stop water and moisture from collecting and degrading your belongings.

2) Keep Indoor Air Fresh

You don’t have much of a choice here. Leave the crawl space open for long and mold spores or toxic gases will seep through into your home. The reason is a significant portion of indoor air comes from down there. Because the air is contaminated, you’ll be more prone to experience breathing problems. Waterproofing ensures quality air enters and circulates in your home.

3) Improve Energy Efficiency

Encapsulating your crawl space with a plastic vapor barrier can also help reduce your monthly energy consumption and accompanying energy bills. Sealing stops air leakage, a key issue in homes with low efficiency. Internal temperatures won’t change significantly during the cold season or hot months. Because of this, you won’t have to run your heater or air conditioner for long to create favorable conditions inside your home.

4) Protect Your Foundation

You may not have known this, but the condition of your crawl space affects your foundation more so when water or moisture is involved. Both can enter the foundation and cause cracks that can weaken the underlying structure. Waterproofing stops water from going down into the foundation and degrading it. Your foundation will remain intact and offer adequate support to the home above.

5) Minimize Repairs

Let’s not even debate about this. Crawl space moisture causes wood rot and mold, which also eats up beams and wood joists. What’s more is that moisture and water also trigger rust. Plus it creates the right condition for crawling insects such as termites, which are destructive. Waterproofing your crawl space locks out water, rodents, and moisture and stops them from ganging up on this space and creating the need for essential repairs.

6) Reduce Pests’ Interest In Your Home

Pests and insects are attracted to damp and humid crawl spaces as they offer them good nesting places and provide them with nourishment. With time, they will start multiplying and making forays into your home. These critters are more than a nuisance. As well as contaminating your food, they can damage your clothing or furniture. Waterproofing and encapsulating your crawl space not only creates a less hospitable environment for pests but also makes it more difficult for them to get inside.

7) Enhance the Value of Your Home

Lastly, waterproofing increases the value of your home. You can put any price on it and no one will haggle over the price tag. Buyers won’t hesitate to buy it because they won’t have to deal with the effects of moisture inside the home. If you haven’t encapsulated your crawl space and are planning to sell your home, do so first before you list it.

As you can see, waterproofing your crawl space can help you avert many problems down the road. It might seem expensive at first, but the benefits that will accrue are life-long. You and your loved ones can live, eat, and sleep in peace without worrying about what surprises your crawl space might have in store for you.

Have an open or exposed crawl space? Time is up for you to waterproof it, or else you will have to endure the heartache and agony that comes with water damage or moisture problems. Schedule a free crawl space inspection and repair estimate today and find out how our waterproofing experts can help you keep it clean, dry, and moisture-free.

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