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Timeline Of A Basement Flood

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By the time many of these homeowners realize their problem is beyond their control, water has already caused thousands of dollars in property damage and they’re at the bottom of a very long waiting list for help to arrive. The problem is, many homeowners don’t realize just how bad a flooded basement can get. To illustrate, here is a timeline of what you can expect to happen before, during, and after a basement flood.

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1. Your Foundation is Compromised
The most common way for floodwater to enter the basement is through cracks in your foundation. These cracks often form when your basement walls bow inward or your foundation begins to settle. If you take care of the issue right away, flooding may never be a problem. But if you wait until it’s too late, you’ll have two problems on your hands.

Innovative Basement Authority offers several different solutions for bowing walls and settling foundations, and we’re always ready to diagnose your problem and get started on creating a tailor-made solution for your home.

2. Water Starts to Trickle In
If you didn’t repair your foundation – or you just didn’t catch the problem until it was too late – you’ll have a bigger problem on your hands when the water starts to trickle in. Depending on the severity of the flood, it could remain a trickle. Or it could turn into a rushing cascade of water that you struggle to pump out fast enough.

3. Your Pump Fails
If you have a pump in your basement, it could easily fail if the water entering your basement comes too fast or rises too high. You’ll have to figure out another solution, which may involve paying constant attention to your basement until the flood recedes – or giving up and waiting until an expert can come out to help.

When you work with Innovative Basement Authority, we’ll do everything we can to help you protect your basement before to floods. But even if you call us after the water has already started flowing in, we’ll help you recover as quickly as possible. We offer a range of basement waterproofing products, from perimeter drainage systems to highly-efficient, failsafe sump pumps.

4. Your Stuff Gets Soaked
If the water entering your basement gets to the point where it’s beyond your control, anything you have stored down there is bound to get damaged – or even ruined. We’ve met many homeowners who, despite their best efforts, couldn’t work fast enough to salvage all of their possessions before it was too late. Avoid letting this happen to you – waterproof now.

5. You Call For Help
When you finally decide to call for help with your flooded basement, you may still have to wait weeks for anyone to be able to come out. At Innovative Basement Authority we do our best to help each and every homeowner we come across, but getting rid of basement water still takes time. Save yourself the worry – and the wait – by protecting your basement from flooding before the flood even comes.

6. You Clean Up
Recovery from a basement flood can take months. You have to go through your basement and try to salvage as many of your possessions as you can. You have to inspect for mold, which can cause even more damage to your home. Your basement will be a constant worry and a constant eyesore until the job is finished. Not only that, but if you ever try to sell your home, a potential buyer may find signs of flooding – even if you’ve waterproofed – and decide not to make an offer. Your best bet to avoid the loss of time, money, and possession? Waterproof before flooding.

If you live in an area that floods often, your basement may not be as well-protected as you think. The best thing to do to avoid experience the things that happen during a basement flood? Waterproof the moment you notice any place where water could trickle in. If you’re not sure whether your home is vulnerable – or you do, and you’re ready to waterproof now – call Innovative today to schedule a free estimate.

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