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The Dangers of DIY Home Waterproofing

While DIY home efforts are popular, it's usually a bad idea to DIY a home waterproofing solution, as you risk losing money and value on your home.

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The rise of DIY projects has made McGuyvers out of many homeowners. Unfortunately, there are some projects that are most often best left to the professionals. What are the specific dangers of waterproofing your own home, and how can a professional help you avoid those pitfalls? 

Leaking water in the basement

Why Should You Waterproof Your Home? 

First and foremost, is it really that important for you to waterproof your home in the first place? 

Absolutely. Waterproofing your home has a multitude of benefits. When you make an active effort to prevent unwanted moisture from making its way indoors, you can preserve the overall value of your home as well as the health of your family. 

A leaking foundation, basement, or crawl space can cause the following problems around your home: 

  • Sticking doors 
  • Foggy windows 
  • Failing structural supports 
  • Long-term water damage 
  • Mold growths 
  • Respiratory problems for all family members 

The Dangers of DIY Home Waterproofing 

More adventurous homeowners may want to try their hands at waterproofing their homes without professional guidance. Doing so, as mentioned, is an option. You can search online platforms for the waterproofing measures that you think might suit your home best and, in turn, slowly integrate them into your home’s architecture. 

Trying to take on the challenge of waterproofing your home on your own, however, especially if you’ve never done so before, can have some significant drawbacks. These drawbacks can be financial as well as structural, should you not quite know what you’re getting into. 

Some of the most common problems homeowners run into when waterproofing their homes without professional assistance include: 

Budgetary Problems 

Many homeowners want to install DIY home waterproofing measures to save money. While this is an admirable goal, trying to install waterproofing measures without professional guidance can cost you more than reaching out for help. 

Consider, for example, the deals that a longtime contractor may be able to get on home waterproofing materials. If you choose to shop for the same materials on your own, you will not benefit from available discounts. Similarly, you may not have access to the materials that might best help you protect your home in the future or even the tools you may need to install those waterproofing measures you believe might best suit your home. Purchasing those tools and what materials are available to you can rapidly eat into your home repair budget. 

Costly Mistakes 

That’s not all that can cost you money when you try to install your own home waterproofing measures. If you make a mistake somewhere during your installation, it’s entirely possible that you might improperly cover up some of the spots in your home that would give away water damage. With those areas blocked off by a vapor barrier, for example, you won’t be able to tell whether or not your mistakes caused moisture to make its way into your home all the faster. This means that in a month or two, you may find yourself contending not only with a ruined vapor barrier but standing water in your basement or crawl space. 

Should you choose to call a professional at this point in your home repair project’s process, you’ll find that those costs you were initially worried about have grown. After all, contractors have to go about removing your DIY waterproofing measures from your space before they repair the damage and install new waterproofing solutions. 


Last but certainly not least, installing your own home waterproofing measures takes a lot of time. If you don’t have help around the house, you’ll find yourself contending with all manner of unwieldy and time-consuming responsibilities, from possibly excavating some of your foundation to tearing down your interior drywall. Comparatively, professionals can take on this work with a substantial team, ensuring they’re able to do their jobs quickly as well as efficiently. 

In other words, if you try to take on a project like this alone, you may find yourself contending with not only the mess but with time-borne setbacks as you attempt to handle the work on your own. Working with a professional, on the other hand, can help you ensure that your installation gets done in a reasonable amount of time. 

Working with Professionals to Protect Your Home 

Ready to reach out and get in touch with the contractors serving Fargo, ND? The experienced professionals at Innovative Basement Authority can tour your home with you to find those weak spots that may benefit from waterproofing protections. You can look over your provided free quote for more information about what services might best suit your needs.

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