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Don’t DIY – Basement Waterproofing

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Nothing is as satisfying as successfully completing a DIY project! Whether it’s a Pinterest recipe or a DIY home improvement project, it’s a great feeling of empowerment. That feeling might be great but the feeling of a failed project can be quite unfortunate. In order to keep the good feelings rollin’, leave the big projects for the professionals.

There’s DIY basement waterproofing kits. Sounds like a great idea until the first rainfall! Leave it to the professionals, here’s why:

It’s not worth the risk. Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in life, why risk not getting the problem fixed by professionals? Plus, many of the DIY waterproofing kits are held together only by glue! Would you trust that?

Warranties: DIY waterproofing kits are cheap for a reason. They’re made cheap, don’t last and they don’t have warranties. In the rare occurrence your contractors waterproofing system fails, your warranty will assure they’ll be fixing it, not you!

You’ll sleep better. Think of all the time it’ll take to place this DIY system, and just one simple mistake could send water right back into your basement. Knowing that professionals who do waterproofing on a daily basis are taking care of installing the system will help you sleep with ease at night.

You can finish your basement. Insulation, drywall, carpeting, etc. can cost quite a bit, knowing that your newly finished basement isn’t going to get wrecked by a wet basement is priceless.

We have access to the best products. We have access to the best products in this industry. warranted and ready to be installed in any home.

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