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Even when an inspector signs off on your new home, that doesn’t mean you’re totally out of the woods. In the first year, lots of homeowners end up dealing with some unforseen problems in their newly-built homes. But that doesn’t mean you should be hesitant to buy a brand new home; instead, you should make sure you’re informed about what could go wrong, so you can make sure that it doesn’t.

Grading and Drainage Problems
Drainage problems related to grading are some of the most common issues Innovative Basement Authority comes across when dealing with new homes – and some of the most common causes of basement water.

The ground around your home should slope from your foundation according to the specifications in your area. Unfortunately, when soil is properly graded it can still settle in a relatively short period of time, leading to water problems in your basement or crawl space. Innovative Basement Authority can help you assess exactly why your basement or crawl space floods – and then help you fix the problem once and for all.

Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces
As the U.S. population continues to grow, the land houses get built on becomes less and less ideal in some areas. This can lead to building on land where water tends to pool more frequently, which then leads to water entering the basements and crawl spaces of newly-built homes.

Regardless of whether this is the case for your new home, it’s still important to be mindful of the water issues notorious in Minnesota and North Dakota basements and crawl spaces. Owners of brand new homes should be particularly mindful, because there’s no surefire way of predicting what may happen when the snow starts to melt come spring.  Innovative Basement Authority offers a complete line of basement and crawl space waterproofing products, including our BasementGutter drainage system, SafeDri Pro pump with alarm, water-resistant basement finishing products, and more.

Slab or Foundation Heaving
Another common problem found in new homes is slab or foundation heaving. Heaving occurs when underlying soils expand, causing the foundation or slab to bowl upwards and crack. Expansion is usually caused by heavy rains, frost, or plumbing leaks in expansive soils. Much like the wet basements and crawl spaces mentioned above, homes are more commonly being built on expansive soils, making heaving much more likely – especially in new homes.

In addition, because the soil under the foundation has recently been disturbed, it is not as stable as the soil further away from your home’s foundation. This can also lead to foundation problems caused by expansive or unstable soil. Your best bet if you’re the owner of a new home who is noticing cracks on the basement floor? Contact a trustworthy foundation repair expert like Innovative Basement Authority today.

Ventilation Issues
When your home isn’t properly ventilated, lots can go wrong. Your living space can become much more humid, which can cause lots of problems not only for the comfort of your living space, but for the health and wellness of its inhabitants. Think about it: when there’s more moisture in the air, mold, dust mites, and other organic materials are likely to form inside your home. These things can be particularly harmful to people with asthma and other lung problems.

Not only that, but when mold does form, it can spread to other areas of the home and cause extensive damage to your property and to the structural integrity of your home. Regardless of whether you’re just worried about your home’s ventilation system or you’ve already found mold, Innovative can help with both. In addition to an effective mold removal system, we also offer home energy solutions including ventilation, air ducts, air sealing, and other common problems.

So if you’re experiencing high humidity, foundation cracks, or basement or crawl space moisture, your best bet is to call Innovative Basement Authority. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners – of homes new and old – across Minnesota and North Dakota. With our experience and superior foundation repair, home energy, and basement waterproofing products, we’re confident that no matter your problem, Innovative will be able to help. Call us or fill out our online form today to schedule your free estimate!

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