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10 Reasons Basement Waterproofing Helps You Protect Your Home

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It’s always in your best interest to protect your home from water damage. Are home waterproofing measures really necessary?

If you opt not to waterproof your home, you’re letting the hands of fate control not only its market value but the state of your belongings and the health of your family. While initial waterproofing may be more expensive than you’d like, it’s always better than the variable cost of repairs.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of waterproofing, consider these benefits:

Protects Your Belongings

When water makes its way into your home, it can immediately compromise the safety of any belongings you’ve stored in your basement. While you may be able to restore some of these belongings with some TLC, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to bring important documents or nostalgic items back from the brink.

That said, your belongings can be damaged by anything from significant humidity to long-term flooding. You’ll want to assess your home’s needs individually before determining which of your available waterproofing solutions will best keep your most precious or important items safe.

Prevents Flooding

As mentioned, there are varying degrees of water damage that you may have to contend with. Flooding, naturally, is one of the most significant. Luckily, internal and external drainage systems can do a lot of work when it comes to keeping standing water out of your basement. When you have these sorts of tools in place, you can avoid both the aforementioned property damage and the kind of long-term structural damage that might lower your home’s property value.

Eliminates Mold

Moisture and humidity indoors tend to beget mold. Unfortunately, mold can have just as much of an impact on your quality of life as standing water. Most mold clusters can take root inside a moist home within 48 hours of rain rolling in. If you don’t act quickly, long-lasting mold clusters can start to compromise your family’s health, causing asthma and other respiratory disorders.

When you waterproof your basement using tools like a dehumidifier, you eliminate the moisture that mold needs to survive. You will, of course, need to look over these tools to ensure that the mold hasn’t migrated, but you’ll be taking active steps towards bettering controlling the health of your home.

Gets Ahead of Infestations and Smells

On a somewhat lighter note, waterproofing your basement can also help you prevent unpleasant smells from taking root in your home. These smells tend to stem from moisture, but there are other sources that may generate them. Consider this: If water can make its way into your home, it won’t be long before critters and insects can as well.

This is where waterproofing solutions like vapor barriers and encapsulation come in handy. These barriers are so dense they can keep most gasses out of your home. When you invest in them early, they can also work as animal deterrents.

Strengthens Your Home

Hydrostatic pressure is one of the primary causes of basement damage. This pressure is the result of water build-up outside your home. If you let this pressure wear on your basement for too long, it can start to compromise the structural integrity of the supports holding up your upper levels. Similarly, water can move down towards your foundation and cause it to start slipping or sinking if it hasn’t been properly waterproofed.

Levels Your Floor

Speaking of which: hydrostatic pressure tends to manifest in unexpected ways. As your foundation settles into the increasingly damp ground, it’s likely to rise in some areas and fall in others. The result will be a basement floor ideal for a skateboarder but dangerous for anyone else.

Retains Your Home’s Value

It’s much more difficult for you to sell a home that’s fallen victim to significant water damage over the years than it is to sell one that’s been waterproofed. If you don’t work to protect your home from water damage, you risk losing up to 30 percent of your home’s original value. That kind of loss makes the initial cost of waterproofing more reasonable, as you’re likely to earn your expenses back.

Prevents Unnecessary Insurance Claims

Dealing with water damage insurance claims as a homeowner is a complicated process. Your ability to file these claims, for example, will depend entirely on your provider. Most providers, it’s worth noting, will only give you the funds you need for repairs if you prove the leak originated inside of your home. Environmental leaks tend to fall under specialized coverage if they’re covered at all.

When you waterproof ahead of time, you can avoid the complications involved in these sorts of claims.

Lowers Your Bills

It’s also possible for you to lower your water and electric bills with the help of home waterproofing. When you work to protect your home from excessive moisture, you prevent the pipes in your home from leaking. Similarly, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to control the temperature in your home if you’re not constantly plagued by moisture.

Protects Your Repair Budget

Finally, while you should have a repair budget in place, it may not need to be as expansive if you have waterproofing measures in place. These measures are preventative, meaning you’ll be less likely to deal with damage that’s resulted due to hydrostatic pressure while owning your current home. Given how quickly your repair bills can escalate, it’s usually best to pay the initial waterproofing installation costs than it is to wait and see what can go wrong.

Want to start discussing which waterproofing measures may best suit your home? You can easily get in touch with a professional contractor working in the Fargo, ND, area for a home inspection and free quote on any services you may need.

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