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10 Effective Basement Waterproofing Products for Your Fargo, ND, Basement

waterproof your basement

Sometimes, homeowners don’t take time to evaluate their basement waterproofing needs to make informed choices. So they end up buying products that are either substandard or not necessary for their waterproofing projects. As a homeowner, you should take time to find out what products your basement needs and how they can help you create a clean, dry space.

1) High-Capacity Sump Pumps

If your home is at risk of flooding because of a heavy downpour or grading issues, you’ll have to have a sump pump system installed. Don’t go for any model but a unit that can move water out fast. Ensure the contractor installs in at the lowest point so it can channel water out effectively. Since flood water contains soil and silt, it’s advisable to get one that has a soil filter.

2) Interior Drainage System

When water enters your basement or leaks through the walls, you want to make sure it doesn’t collect on the floor. And the only way to do that is to have a contractor install an interior French drain. Placed in the basement’s sub-floor and around the interior perimeter, this drainage system collects water from the walls and floor, and then directs it to the sump pump system to be pumped out of and away from the home.

3) Plastic Vapor Barrier

Given that your basement is surrounded by an environment that has the potential to get wet, you can cover the basement walls and floor with a waterproofing material — in this case, a plastic barrier. It’s going to deter moisture and leaks from getting through your walls and the floor. Most contractors provide a warranty of up to 25 years, so yours should be able to hold up for possibly a lifetime.

4) Dehumidifier

Still experiencing moisture issues? Your answer lies in dehumidification. By installing a dehumidifier, you can bring down moisture to acceptable levels and keep your basement dry and mold-free. Get an energy-efficient model with an air filter, as well as one that self-drains into a sump pump system.

5) Grated Drain Pipe

If your home is threatened by floods, you’ll need to get a system that stops flooding right from the outer entryway or doorway. A grated drainage pipe can serve this purpose really well. It works by accepting water from the floor and channeling to your perimeter drainage system, directing it to your sump pump. You can lay it across your floor preferably on the inside of the door to stop debris from getting in and clogging it.

6) Basement Insulation

Without proper insulation, your Fargo, ND, will feel colder during winter months. Pipes may freeze and burst when temperatures plummet. You may find yourself running the heater for many hours just to heat the floors and walls. And this may translate into higher monthly energy bills. Often, cold is caused by dampness in the basement. Insulation can help make your home energy efficient.

7) Wall Crack Repair System

It’s useful in preventing leaks through basement cracks. Instead of using patching mortar, which adheres poorly or breaks when there’s a slight movement, use a wall crack repair. Your contractor will apply a flexible sealant along the length of the crack then install a flexible foam over it. Afterward, they will adhere an impermeable membrane on both sides of the strip. This ensures any future seepage trickles down the walls into the perimeter drainage system.

8) Downspout Extensions

When it rains, your roof collects a lot of water. You have to ensure it doesn’t fall or pour down the walls. Otherwise, it may go all the way to the basement through cracks on your foundation walls. To control water flow and ensure it drains away from the home, install downspout lines. Ensure yours are clog-free so that they don’t collect debris and leaves.

9) Basement Windows & Window Wells

Typical basement windows are made of wood. And this poses problems as they tend to rot when they come into contact with water. You can stop wood rot and prevent water seepage by replacing your old window with a rust-free basement egress window and window well. These systems also serve as emergency exits and enhance the safety of your basement and home.

10) Frozen Discharge Line Protection

During winter, the exterior discharge lines for your basement sump pump can freeze or clog. The only way to ensure that the sump pump keeps water flowing is to install a freeze relief for your discharge line. It will protect your sump and basement against flooding even if the discharge line freezes or gets clogged.

Are you planning to waterproof your basement? Not sure what products you actually need? Get in touch with our trusted basement experts. We’re happy to carry out a free basement waterproofing inspection, and based on that, advise you on what products to buy. All the products we recommend are proven and work together to keep your basement dry.

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