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Crawl Space...Kindred, ND

Monday, December 16th, 2013 by Eric Rysdam


When a homeowner in Kindred, North Dakota called Innovative Basement Authority complaining of cold floors and odors entering their home, the specialist had a good idea of where the home’s problem area lay and was eager to help their home return to normal. Add in the fact that the homeowner also had a mouse infestation, and it was clear that the problem needed to be solved sooner rather than later.

Upon inspection, the specialist confirmed that the root of the problem was the homeowner’s crawl space. He could feel cold air rushing out of the access hole, making it clear that air was being pushed into the living room. The bad odor the homeowner reported entered the home through the access hole, and the homeowner and his family were breathing and smelling that air. The smell was caused by the high humidity present in unenclosed crawl spaces.

A crawl space left bare, with no coverings on the dirt floor and no way of directing water elsewhere, can pose significant problems to the rest of the home. Moisture is free to pool under the home, where water vapor can rise and cause damage to the insulation and floor joists above. This can lead to the spread of mold throughout the home, which can pose health problems to the people who live there.


After determining the source of the cold floors and odors, Team Innovative sent in an experienced crew of installers to deal with the crawl space. The crew installed ExTremeBloc insulation panels on the walls and in the joist pockets, which helped insulate the walls and cut off any cold air coming from the outside, using and reflecting heat into the crawl space.

The crew then used our drainage matting on the dirt floor of the crawl space to direct away the water that pools underneath it. This will prevent the crawl space from collecting water, removing the high humidity that once plagued it. Over the drainage matting, Team Innovative put in our CrawlSeal vapor barrier to encapsulate the crawl space. CrawlSeal separates the crawl space from the nasty wet soil that causes the wet air to come into the home. By separating the home’s floors from the ground below, it greatly improves the cold floor problem and cuts off rodent access to the crawl space.

An encapsulated crawl space protects a home from the high humidity often present below the home. This makes the air in the home above healthier by removing the risk of contact with mold and rodents. The Kindred, North Dakota homeowner was impressed with the quick installation and reports that several months after the encapsulation, his floors are warmer and the smell is gone.

Innovative Basement Authority is the leader in our field, offering solutions designed to restore the home's integrity and the homeowner's peace of mind. If you think you have a crawl space problem, call Innovative Basement Authority or fill out our online form today.

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