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Foundation Repair...Fargo, ND

Monday, November 26th, 2012 by Ben Warren


A Fargo homeowner contacted Innovative Basement Authority due to a crawlspace addition which had settled significantly during the summer drought of 2012. The settlement was getting progressively worse, causing the interior sheet rock to crack and doors to stick.

Unfortunately, this homeowner’s settlement issues are not uncommon, especially in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota.  The lack of moisture during the summer of 2012 caused many homes to experience similar problems.  The soils in our area contain a great deal of clay, and the minerals in the clay absorb moisture. The soils expand when wet and contract when they dry out. This shrinking causes foundations to settle unevenly. Once a foundation has settled in such a manner, it becomes an issue from then on. After calling Innovative, our specialist worked with the homeowner to provide a lasting solution.



Upon inspection, the specialist found that the crawlspace addition had settled approximately 2”. To determine the amount and direction of settlement, he first inspected the upstairs and surveyed the damage to the interior.  The specialist then shot laser lines into the crawlspace itself and measured the distance between the laser lines and floor joists; this allowed him to prepare a diagram showing the actual amount of settlement and direction, which was then presented to the homeowner.

In this case, the south and east foundation walls were settling away from the home. Knowing exactly what was settling, the specialist was able to put together an engineered plan to help the homeowner restore the home’s value and structural integrity.

Innovative Basement Authority uses a load calculator. The load calculator does the “engineering” and determines the exact number of piers required to properly stabilize the foundation. This takes any guesswork out of the process, providing the best solution possible to our customers.

With the plan in place, Innovative installed the piers to stabilize the foundation. The installers were also able to lift the addition back to level. With this type of repair, Innovative guarantees the foundation will be stabilized for 25 years. This guarantee is also transferable to anyone who owns the home during the warranty period. Innovative also attempts to lift once the piers are installed - and has great success in doing so - but all foundations and situations are different, and lift is not guaranteed. That said, once stabilized, any interior damage can be repaired without the worry or expense of having to repeat the same repairs again in the future.

Innovative Basement Authority is the leader in this field, offering solutions designed to restore the home's integrity and the homeowner's peace of mind. If you have a foundation problem, call Innovative Basement Authority or fill out our online form today!

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