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Waterproofing and Basement Finishing in Souris, North Dakota

Friday, September 4th, 2015 by Ryan Anderson


The concrete floor in this basement was deteriorated and uneven.  Some portions had to be replaced. The farm home had experienced minor leakage in the past, nothing out of the ordinary for a home of its age. Water would enter though the floor and wall joint,  and through cracks in the wall. The basement was musty,  outdated, and not a comfortable place to be at all. The homeowner was looking for more usable dry space,  free of humidity and musty odor,  and more living space for children. Alkalinity in the soil and water had caused concrete floor to deteriorate,  crumble, and heave.  Shifting in the home had caused minor cracks that would some times leak during heavy rain.  High humidity from water vapor coming through the floor and walls of basement caused a damp, musty odor in the basement that would sometimes affect the smell of entire home. The homeowners wanted attractive,  dry,  usable space for a laundry room and play/living area for their children.  They wanted peace of mind knowing that their basement would not leak anymore.  The homeowners also wanted more light and an escape window for safety for their basement. During the inspection, Innovative found uneven,  deteriorated concrete in one quarter of the basement.  This floor was not suitable for any floor coverings and was letting a lot of moisture and water vapor up into basement space.   Innovative also found unusable, outdated,  damaged wall finishes and partition walls that created small,  inefficient work/play/living spaces.  Innovative found a very typical outdated,  unpleasant, unusable space that the family did not like to use. Unique challenges that crews would face were replacing a portion of the basement floor and coordinating the different work crews and equipment that would be needed to meet the customers goals.


Because this home is in very rural northwest North Dakota, the homeowners were unsuccessful in getting other contractors and carpenters there to help with repair ideas.  The other contractors they reached out to were not very willing to help because their home is in a very rural area. The homeowner made the call to Innovative because the family  is growing and they are planning on living in this home for a very long time, and they wanted to get the basement fixed and finished so there family could use and enjoy it. The customers chose Innovative Basement Authority because of their professionalism,  the great reputation of the workmanship,  the quality of materials, and the great warranty and customer service. We were able to meet the homeowner's  needs by installing a egress window which provides an emergency escape path  and adds more natural light to the basement.  This egress window also allowed Innovative to efficiently remove and replace one quarter of the basement floor slab.  Innovative was able to remove  and bring in the concrete through the window opening and install a beautiful long lasting egress window after the concrete work was completed.  Innovative was also able to keep the whole basement dry by installing Basement Systems BasementGutter drainage system,  Triple Safe sump pump, and dehumidifier basement air system.  Innovative was also able to refinish and add a more attractive,  usable,  enjoyable space for laundry and family activities for kids in the otherwise wasted basement space.   Innovative used Basement Systems Basement Finishing products to finish the basement space.  These products included insulated and non insulated wall panels,  our beautiful, moisture resistant Linen acoustical ceiling tile and, our water resistant white baseboard,casing and crown molding  along with finished six panel doors.


After installation the basement is now dry!  The musty smell is gone and basement is brighter, more enjoyable,  and a warm place for the children and family to use in winter months when the family just wants more space. The homeowner had us finish a laundry room space and a large open area for the kids to use and play in that will have many different uses as the children grow up.

Innovative used three different forman and installation crews for this project. The first crew, lead by Dan Hendrix, installed the egress window. They used a skid steer, mini excavator and hydraulically driven wall mounted concrete saw to make a precise cut in the foundation for the installation of the new egress window. The very next day the concrete replacement crew, lead by Zach Meyer, arrived and used the new window opening to remove a large area of the basement floor. The concrete crew also removed concrete and soil material for the installation of the BasementGutter drainage system around the perimeter of the basement. The concrete crew brought in the new concrete through the egress window opening and poured the new section of floor and covered the newly installed BasementGutter drainage system. Dan Hendrix and the egress crew assisted in the concrete work and when that was finished they finished the installation of the new egress window and well. The egress window and concrete replacement and drainage system installation took approximately 3 days.

The concrete was allowed to cure for 1 week.

10 days after the concrete work was done. Innovative's Basement Finishing division showed up to finish out the basement space. The Basement Finishing crew was lead by Dan Widenstrom. Dan followed the plans put together by the home owner and Certified Field Inspector and had a beautiful, bright, clean, usable finished basement space completed in 6 days.

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