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Let Sealing Wall Cracks Be Your First Defense Against Basement Water

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 by Betsy Rathburn

A lot of times, when homeowners are looking for a solution to their basement water problem, they’ll feel overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to them by various contractors. They’ll begin asking themselves questions that they don’t know the answer to. Which method is most effective? Which materials are better at preventing water? What about removing water? How much water can this sump pump pump out in an hour? What about that one?

Innovative Basement Authority agrees that these are important questions, but we also believe that you’ll make the best decision for your home if you complete your waterproofing project one step at a time. There’s no sense in jumping the gun on a project if your basement doesn’t first have the most basic protection against water.

Our suggestion? Start with the easiest repair first: patch up those foundation cracks that let the water in. We recommend our wall crack repair system. Here’s what you need to know:

Crack Repair Sealant Is A Permanent Solution

Even though it’s such an easy solution, our crack repair system isn’t something you’ll install just to get you through the next wet season. It’ll be around for the long haul, never cracking or leaking like other wall patch systems. This is because our crack repair system is a flexible sealant that can stretch to ¾”. Whether you’re dealing with extra water or a settling foundation, we’ve got you covered.

Crack Repair Sealant Offers Several Layers of Protection

The specially-formulated sealant over the crack is only the first step. After this, a foam strip is applied along the crack, acting as a second line of defense against basement water. It wicks away any water that makes it through the seal and guides it to your basement’s drainage system. Over the foam strip, another sealant is added on top. It is waterproof, durable, flexible, and will ensure that our crack repair sealant is a permanent solution to your water problem.

Crack Repair Sealant Can Be Used in Combination With Other Solutions

And you can get them all in one place! Forget all the guesswork that comes with other waterproofing solutions. With crack repair sealant, the only other thing you need to do is give the water collected by the system somewhere else to go. Innovative Basement Authority can help! Our BasementGutter perimeter drainage system and SafeDri Triple sump pump are just two more of a wide range of waterproofing solutions.

Convinced you’ve finally found the simple, affordable waterproofing system you’ve been looking for? Ready to patch up those leaky basement walls once and for all? Call us! We’ve been waterproofing basements throughout Minnesota and North Dakota for over a decade, and our experienced waterproofing experts are ready to help you. Call us today to get started today.

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