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Is Your Basement Trying to Tell You Something? Here’s How to Find Out

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Betsy Rathburn

When you buy a home, there are probably lots of things you would rather focus on than a troublesome basement: plumbing, electrical work, getting new appliances, decorating – basically anything with an immediate impact on your home and how you live. But what if we told you that the condition of your basement actually does have an impact on your life?

It’s true – your basement can tell you a lot about your home that the upper levels can’t. At Innovative Basement Authority, it is our mission to make sure you get every message your home sends you – and an effective, budget-friendly solution. So what might your basement be trying to tell you? Here are some common messages that your home could be sending you and our solutions for them.

Message: Your Home’s Structural Integrity Is In Jeopardy
There are several signs that your home has some weak spots that need addressing before a more intensive and expensive fix is in order. In your basement, a big sign that you’ll want to look out for is cracks in the walls. Cracks can signify that something is off with your foundation. The foundation could be bowing inward or settling, problems that only get worse over time.

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Our Solution: Wall Anchors, IntelliBrace, or Piering
Each of these solutions has a different purpose. Wall anchors and the IntelliBrace system are used to reverse the effects of bowing basement walls. The IntelliBrace system is good for homeowners who can’t do any excavation outside of their homes, while wall anchors is used for homeowners who can. Both systems are used to stabilize – and, over time, reverse – inward bowing of basement walls.

Piering is used to combat settling foundations. Each of the three piering systems Innovative Basement Authority uses has a specific purpose, and your foundation repair expert will be able to recommend the best solution for you and your home, no guesswork necessary!

Message: Your Home Is Vulnerable to Extensive Water Damage
The most obvious sign that your home is vulnerable to flooding is that first trickle of water that enters your basement. But did you know there are other telltale signs of vulnerability to moisture that can be spotted before a drop of water enters?

It’s true! Cracks in your basement walls can also be a sign that your basement is in danger of flooding. Cracks in flooring are another common source of basement moisture. Wherever the basement cracks are, they could mean that the next heavy rainfall or spring melt could leave your basement flooded and any possessions you store down there destroyed.

Our Solution: BasementGutter Perimeter Drainage System – In Combination With Our Other Waterproofing Products
Innovative Basement Authority has been helping homeowners across Minnesota and North Dakota to recover and prevent flooding for years. In this time we’ve come up with some truly effective solutions to basement moisture from any source. Our BasementGutter system is one of our most frequently used perimeter drainage systems. Water is collected from walls or the basement floor and routed towards a highly efficient SafeDri Pro or SafeDri Triple sump pump.

When you call Innovative, our waterproofing expert will be able to recommend which of our waterproofing products – BasementGutter, SafeDri Pro, SafeDri Triple, or any of our other waterproofing products – would work best to help you save your home from flooding and property damage.

Is Your Basement Trying to Tell You Something Heres How to Find Out - Image 3

Message: Your Home Poses A Risk to Your Health

Mold and dust mites are common problems in basements. One of mold’s most harmful effects is the damage it can do to your home’s structural integrity, but there is no use implementing protection against that unless you treat the problem at its source. In many cases, that source is mold. If, when you look closely at the exposed wood, drywall, and other organic materials in your basement, you see mold – your home in danger.

When you breathe in mold spores and dust mites, they can cause increased symptoms of already existing allergies or lung problems like asthma. Why put yourself and your family at risk when it’s so easy to prevent?

Our Solution: Waterproofing and Air Sealing
Since mold is caused by water, it’s important to make your basement as uninhabitable to its growth as possible. This could mean waterproofing your basement or, at the very least, installing a dehumidifier. But another solution is to seal the living quarters of your home away from the basement.

Due to the stack effect, mold spores and dust mites can easily migrate from the basement into the upper levels of your home by squeezing in between tiny cracks and gaps as the air they travel in is pushed upward. Innovative Basement Authority can locate and seal those gaps for you, so that you’ll never have to wonder if your allergies are caused by your basement.

Innovative Basement Authority wants to make sure every homeowner is equipped to recognize when something in their home might need some help. With our team of basement experts who each have years of experience helping homeowners across Minnesota and North Dakota, we have the collective knowledge to diagnose a problem, recommend the solution, and set that solution in motion.

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