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Causes of Leaky Basements

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 by Betsy Rathburn

Wet BasementIt’s still frigid in Minnesota and North Dakota – for now. But after every snowy winter is a spring thaw, where the snow melts, and our yards become soggy, muddy messes. And even worse: our basements are more prone to leakage. While the cause of leaky basements may seem obvious – rain or melted snow leaks in through basement walls – a leak is the consequence of a greater problem. Here are some possible causes of water in your basement:

Drainage Problems
Most people know the importance of clearing their gutters of debris. When gutters are clogged, water can’t drain off the roof properly, which can cause all kinds of problems. But sometimes even when the water can drain, gutters can still cause problems. When gutter downspouts don’t extend far enough away from the home, water pools around the perimeter and can cause basement water troubles.

Poor Grading
But there are other problems you could have as well. Did you know that the land around your home makes a big difference in whether or not your basement stays dry? It’s true – when your yard slopes towards your home, water drains towards your foundation. When it pools around your basement walls, water can get into your home through cracks and gaps between joints that much more easily. By improving your grading – and combining this improvement with basement waterproofing – you will make a huge difference in your basement’s water problem.

It may seem counterintuitive, but drought can lead to future basement flooding. This is because soil contracts when it is dry. It shrinks away from your home’s foundation, leaving large gaps around the perimeter. When the ground finally does get some moisture, it all goes into the gap, causing problems for your basement.

Foundation Issues
But a drought is only one instance in which a home’s foundation is compromised. Unfortified basement walls often bow inward when the earth around the perimeter presses in on them. And when walls bow, they crack. Gaps form between blocks, giving water an easy passage into the home.

Regardless of why your basement leaks, Innovative Basement Authority can diagnose the problem – and provide an effective solution. Our experts have been servicing basements and foundations throughout Minnesota and North Dakota for years, and we make it our mission to complete every job with the quality customer service we have become known for. If you’re ready to waterproof your basement before the snow melts, call us or fill out our online form!

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