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Use CrawlSeal to Waterproof Your Walls

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 by Betsy Rathburn

Use CrawlSeal to Waterproof Your Walls - Image 1

From our waterproof floor tiles to our energy efficient dehumidifier, Innovative Basement Authority has some highly effective, affordable products on offer to homeowners who want to make a change in their homes, including those who wish to do something about their leaky basement walls. Our solution is to protect your basement walls with a durable, waterproof product that will stand up against moisture and time.

CrawlSeal is just one of our answers to the basement moisture problem – and it’s one of the most popular. The photo above was taken at a recent basement waterproofing job in Denbigh, North Dakota, where Innovative Basement Authority installed CrawlSeal in conjunction with the BasementGutter basement waterproofing system.

But what is CrawlSeal, what does it do, and how does it measure up against other waterproofing products?

What is CrawlSeal?
In a nutshell, CrawlSeal is a vapor barrier designed to protect basements and crawl spaces from the moisture. CrawlSeal is created from high density polyethylene. Polyester cord reinforcement allows it to be mechanically fastened to the walls so it will never fall off. There are several different options when it comes to CrawlSeal: it ranges from 8mm to 20mm thick, and environmentally-conscious homeowners can even choose a recycled option.

What does CrawlSeal do?
CrawlSeal is used to encapsulate crawl spaces and line basement walls for protection against moisture and mold. In a crawl space, the CrawlSeal liner will act as a waterproof shield, keeping moisture from entering from the ground or the outside. By doing this, CrawlSeal maintains a dry, mold free environment that won’t cause odors or energy problems in the above home.

In a basement, after being attached to the basement walls using sturdy drilled-in fasteners, the CrawlSeal wall lining acts as a barrier against water that often enters the basement through cracks in the foundation. When a drainage system is installed along the perimeter of the basement – as is the case during CrawlSeal Wall installations – CrawlSeal will direct moisture down the wall into the drainage system. Your basement will be free from water, and your storage will be safe from harm.

Why is CrawlSeal better than other options?
Aside from being made of durable polyethylene that will stand the test of time, CrawlSeal has another thing going for it as well. Every CrawlSeal contains an antimicrobial additive that is designed to prevent mold and bacteria from forming between the CrawlSeal wall and your basement or crawl space walls. With this kind of protection, it makes sense to go with CrawlSeal for your basement waterproofing our crawl space encapsulation project. Vapor barriers are very important in securing the lower portions of your home against water, and CrawlSeal is an option for homeowners who want the most effective product with the greatest durability.

Basements and crawl spaces are the parts of a home most vulnerable to moisture and mold. Without protecting them, you make the rest of your home vulnerable to the musty smells and damaged property that come along with a moisture or mold problem. Above all, CrawlSeal vapor barrier is designed to protect the most vulnerable parts of your home. With its durable material and clean look, it – unlike water – will help you protect your investment without interfering into your lifestyle. Homeowners in North Dakota and Minnesota who are concerned about moisture in their basement or crawl space should call us or fill out our online form to get started today!

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