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The Problem With Mold

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 by Betsy Rathburn

Basement MoldWhen your basement has a moisture problem, it can be overwhelming to think about the effects the water can have on other parts of your home. Not only does water cause ruin to your property, which can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage, but water can also be ruinous to your health. A wet basement is the perfect environment for mold, which is both costly to remove and harmful to your health.

The Problem

Risk to Your Wallet
Mold spreads fast. In moist conditions with high humidity, it can form in a matter of days and start spreading rapidly after that. If you give it the chance to spread, mold can cause thousands of dollars in damages. If you have valuables in basement storage, dream of transforming your basement into an extra living space, or are thinking of selling your home in the future, a mold problem is not an issue you want to have. It can destroy items of sentimental value, set back remodeling plans, and significantly lower your home’s resale value.

A small leak now can easily turn into a mold problem, especially in North Dakota and Minnesota, where the spring thaw often causes flooded basements. But as much damage as mold could do to your wallet, mold can pose a greater risk to your health.

Risk to Your Health
According to the EPA, up to half of all buildings have conditions that encourage mold, which can trigger allergies, asthma, and the spread of infectious diseases. Depending on a person’s sensitivity to mold, allergic reactions can range from mild to severe. Regardless of the severity, why put the health of you and your family at risk by hosting mold in your home?

Asthma can cause even more significant problems. Mold can trigger lung problems, so people with asthma are more at risk in a home with a mold problem. Many people who have asthma aren’t even aware that they have it, so a home with a mold problem can trigger an asthma episode for someone with no knowledge about how to deal with it. Letting mold grow in your home is a health gamble you don’t want to take.

But Innovative Basement Authority can help you dry out your basement and eliminate the risk of mold.

The Solution

Crack Repair
Repairing cracks in the walls is the first step to waterproofing your basement. Innovative Basement Authority can seal the cracks in your basement walls, windows, or floor so that you can finally have peace of mind about your wet basement. To prevent more cracks from forming, Innovative also offers long-lasting foundation repair solutions.

Water Drainage
Innovative Basement Authority offers several excellent basement waterproofing options, so that your basement will be protected in the event that water manages to enter it. The BasementGutter drainage system is by far our most popular basement drainage system. It collects water from walls and is designed not to clog, so you won’t have to worry about water backing up in your basement again. The water collects in the drain and is guided to a SafeDri Pro pump, so it can be pumped out of your basement once and for all. Certain types of foundations require other drainage systems, but Innovative Basement Authority will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Innovative’s dehumidifier will remove moisture from your basement air, greatly lowering the risk of mold formation. Depending on the model that works for your basement, dehumidifier can remove 90-110 pints of water from the air each day. After crack repair and waterproofing, this is the best way to keep moisture out of your basement.

Innovative Basement Authority wants to put a stop to harmful mold in your basement. We employ a team of experienced experts equipped with the tools needed to solve any basement water problem, serving homeowners across North Dakota and Minnesota. If you have a moisture problem in your basement and want to put a stop to leaks and mold, call us or fill out our online form today!

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