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Waterproof Your Basement Before It Floods

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by Betsy Rathburn

Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota and North Dakota, with all the ice and snow that comes with it. Most of us are too concerned about clearing our driveways and keeping warm to worry about the coming spring, but that’s the time of year when snow can be most damaging. When snow melts, the water can pool around your home and run down your foundation walls, through cracks, and into your basement. But this disaster can easily be avoided by waterproofing your basement now, before you have to deal with a messy clean-up. Here is what Innovative Basement Authority can do for you:

Innovative Basement Authority will install a water drainage system.
BasementGutter is our most popular drainage system. It is installed just below the perimeter of the basement floor.Basement sump pump The system is designed to prevent clogs, protect the basement floor from humidity and debris, and drain hollow cavities. It will ensure that your basement stays dry even if the world outside your home is wet.

While BasementGutter is our most used system, Innovative Basement Authority offers several other options so that the best system can be chosen based on your individual needs. During your free estimate, our specialist will eliminate the guesswork by recommending the best option for you.

After your drainage installation, a sump pump is in order. A sump pump is often the first line of defense against basement moisture. Our SafeDri Pro system is a reliable way to keep water out of your basement. It’s tested against leaks, clogs, power failures, and more. We can even equip it with a Alarm that will warn you if water has risen too high.

Innovative Basement Authority will repair foundation cracks.
Cracks in the foundation can be a costly problem, but one that is important to fix right away. Water can enter through any foundation crack, as well as gaps around basement windows and pipes. Because of this, you may not even be aware of places where your basement is vulnerable to leakage.

To fix basement wall cracks, Innovative Basement Authority offers our Foundation Crack Repair System, which will create a durable seal. We will seal gaps around windows and pipes to make sure your basement is completely protected from water.

Innovative Basement Authority will waterproof your walls and floors.
Innovative’s basement wall and floor systems could be just what you need to protect your property from water damage. Our waterproof wall panels are strong, extremely durable, and will not support mildew or mold.

We also offer our floor tiles and subfloor matting to protect your basement from the water after it’s sealed. The tiles are raised off of the basement floor, giving water vapor a chance to circulate and dry underneath.

Innovative Basement Authority offers a wide range of basement waterproofing products, from Foundation Crack Repair to our dehumidifier to a downspout that will direct water away from your foundation. Whatever your needs, Innovative Basement Authority will strive to meet them. A little dampness now can turn into a flood later on; don’t let the spring thaw catch you unaware. Call Innovative or fill out our online form today!

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