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5 Signs Your Minneapolis Home Needs a Waterproofing System

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by Danielle Wesbur

As a homeowner, it’s important to be able to recognize signs of water damage in your home. Some signs could be in plain daylight but are over looked daily. However, knowing the common signs can save your wallet and everything in your basement! 5 common signs your basement is in need of a waterproofing system are:

  1. Mineral Marks: When the concrete is exposed to water, the water brings out the concrete’s salts and when the water dries, the salt remains on the outside of the slab. Spotting these white marks is an easy way to keep track of your basement water levels.
    White marks on concrete
  2. Mold: It’s no surprise that if you have a wet basement, you have mold growing. Even if the mold remains only in your basement, you’re still breathing in the moldy air on the upper levels of your home!
  3. Humidity: Even if you don’t notice puddles around your basement, humidity is still a huge red flag! Sometimes it’s just humidity but often it’s part of a larger water issue.
  4. Musty Odor: Have you ever walked into a basement that has a smelly, musty odor? That’s caused by WATER! This musty odor can sometimes be caused by damp carpet, so keep an eye out!
  5. Cracks: Whether the cracks are in the walls or floor, they cause water leakage. In comparison, it’s like if your home was a submarine with a crack; water would leak in. Your home works in a similar way!
    Wall crack

Being aware of water damage is crucial to a healthy home, but getting the problem fixed in a timely manner is also extremely important. The longer your basement has water issues, the more damage the water can do. In extreme cases, water can rot away at floor joists causing an unstable and unsafe home.

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