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The Crucial 4 to Basement Finishing

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 by Danielle Wesbur

Did you know, that if you’re planning to sell your home and the basement isn’t finished, you can’t count that space in your home’s square footage? Unfortunately, that is the truth. Any easy and affordable way to add on those square feet is to simply finish off your basement. If finishing your basement off is worth doing, then it’ worth doing right. There are numerous options for everything from flooring to sump pumps to wall options. Lucky for you, I’m here to help you narrow down your choices to the best fit for your home and your budget.

Solving the Water Issue: Water leakage in basements is common and frustrating. Sometimes, that’s what holds people back from finishing their basement. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The first step is to install a drainage system called BasementGutter. Basically, this just allows water from the walls and floors to drain to a sump, which takes us directly to sump pumps. There are several types of sump pumps to choose from. We recommend the SafeDri Triple Sump Pump System. This system is composed to three main components.

The primary component is the pump mechanism that will do most of the pumping, most of the time. However, there is a second pump in the case that the first pump can’t keep up or fails. The last component will certainly ease you mind. This is the SafeDri. This will automatically turn on if the water level reaches its switch within the SafeDri Triple system. The SafeDri is also designed to operate if the power were to go out or a breaker were to trip. How often does the power go out during a large rain storm? This SafeDri Triple system is designed to make your life easier and worry free.

Inside a SafeDri Triple Sump Pump

Moist, Damp Air: Often times the basement of a house can be humid and stink. How are you supposed to enjoy yourself in an environment like such? Basement Air System is the answer. The Dehumidifier is a dehumidifying system that works great for basements. It not only dries up the moist air but it also dries up the materials used to build your basement. In other words, this system has saved many homes from mold growth in the walls. The Dehumidifier system works like a normal dehumidifier. It sucks damp and dirty air in and pumps out dry and clean air. Also, this system connects directly to your sump pump allowing it to drain automatically. How much better can this thing get? It’s also extremely energy efficient!


Walls are Coming Down: Something you may not think about when finishing your basement are the types of walls to choose from. Aren’t they all the same? Wood studs, fiberglass insulation and drywall, right? That’s a very common combination, however, we have something better in store. Drywall and fiberglass can be destroyed after one water leakage event. Although we hope that event would never happen, it’s better to invest in walls built to sustain an accidental water leak. In a water proofing test drywall, fiberglass, plywood and basement walls were set into a pool of water and then removed. All of the building materials gained a significant amount of water weight except for the basement walls. The fiberglass alone gained 250lbs of water. Imagine those materials in your walls after an accidental pipe burst or other water leaks. Yuck!

Wall Panels

The Earth (or floor) beneath my Feet: Thus far we have made the choice to make life easier on ourselves. That trend is about to continue with the Basement Floor Matting. Like I mentioned above, accidental pipe bursting or water leakage is uncontrollable, however, it’s better to be prepared in case it does happen. With this, the flooring you put in is extremely important. It is designed for easy installment, water leaks and convenience. The tiles, whether they are carpet or actual tile, are slightly raised above the actual floor to allow the unplanned water to flow beneath them to the sump pump. If a section were to get drenched you don’t have to panic and replace them. Simply disconnect the damp tiles and lay them out to dry. After, just re-snap them back to their original position.


Reasons to finish a basement may vary, but in the end, you gain square footage your home was meant to have. Innovative Basement Authority can take your smelly, damp and unusable basement space and turn it into the favorite room of your home.

To further learn about your basement options of windows, lighting and more, contact Innovative Basement Authority today at 320-515-2200!

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