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5 Signs of Foundation Settlement

Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by Danielle Wesbur

There are many signs of foundation settlement that can be detected in any home, but first, you should know why to fix it. First off, the settlement problem will only get worse as time passes. We also must remember that time is money. The longer you wait to fix this problem the more it will cost to fix. Second, the resale value of your home decreases dramatically. Nobody wants to buy a house when there are foundation problems. Now, if money isn’t a reason to fix it, how about safety? When you have foundation settlement, you could be at risk of foundation collapsing, chunks of bricks falling off your home and more. Now, if that still is not enough to get this problem fixed, think about all the water and moisture those cracks in the wall are letting in. Moisture coming through the walls causes mold, fungi and other harms to your health. Money, safety, and the health of you and your loved ones, those are all good reasons to fix your foundation settlement problems.

We now know why to fix your settlement problem, now let’s figure out if you have foundation issues. These are 5 signs of settlement visible inside or outside your home.

  1. Stair-step cracking (outside): This is a typical sign of foundation settlement. It is common in brick and concrete block walls.Numerous repairs done to try and save the stair-steps.
  2. Chimney separating from house (outside): This is a more dramatic and obvious sign. Sometimes chimneys are built on foundation that is not connected to the house which causes them to be more at risk of settlement.This chimney was build on different foundation from the house which is not causing it to separate from foundation settlement.
  3. Doors and Windows: Look for doors/windows being out of their square. When settlement occurs there are often cracks extending from the corners of doors and windows. Be aware of doors/windows separating from the framing of the exterior finish.The window frame is becoming separated from the home.
  4. Drywall cracks (inside): Keep your eye out for cracks in numerous places in your drywall. They are common to appear in the corners of doors and windows and in the seams of drywall. Also, look for drywall tape buckling, pulling or ripping.This is a more severe case of drywall cracking.
  5. Doors and windows (inside): A common indicator of settlement among doors/windows is sticking when opening or closing them. Due to the settlement, the door/window becomes snug causing the stick when using. Also, another sign is having to replace or reposition lock or latching mechanisms.Windows and doors sticking can be hard to detect from just observing. Make sure to check windows and doors often for foundation settlement signs.

Ultimately, if you have any of these signs in your home, don’t panic. Foundation settlement can happen to any home and there’s a solution for all of these problems. For more information regarding foundation repair, contact us today at 320-515-2200.

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